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Address: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Color: Silver, Grey, Red, Black
Staff Lou
The Waitress

The Diner restaurant that looks like a tugboat with a neon sign that lights up and says Diner (the name of the restaurant).The Diner is located in the outskirts of Bikini Bottom City Limits. The Diner restaurant has been featured in the episode: Missing Identity. The Diner's interior is average quality, with no rips in the walls, black and white flooring and an oldies jukebox.

In the Diner, the waitresses do not have the real name on their nametag; they just take a name tag from other people on other shifts, just like the woman with the nametag that said Betty. SpongeBob then wonders... did she lose her identity?. In the episode Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II, SpongeBob, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy went there for lunch. The Diner can also be seen at the beginning of SpongeHenge.

[edit] People who go to Diner

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Staff

  • Lou: Lou apparently with "loss of identity" is the cook and works in the kitchen. But in this episode was green in color you see the orange as usual.
  • Betty: Betty is a waitress in uniform which lent it to another waitress at the Diner.
  • The Waitress: the waitress is another next to Betty which borrowed uniform Betty.
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