The Sea Chicken Shack

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The Sea Chicken Shack is a restaurant that is competing against The Krusty Krab that first appeared in the episode The Masterpiece. Mr. Sea Chicken is their mascot.


[edit] Menu

Their menu is basically burgers, fries, and soda.

[edit] Policy

Their Policy is Head Bands = No Service.

Mr. Sea Chicken

[edit] Advertising

They have a commercial quoting that they are the "Best Restaurant in the Sea", which made people go there but it really turns out that the shack is rust bucket dump and their customer safety is awful because Billy sat on a chair and it collapsed. But it seemed he was unhurt as he drank a soda after falling down.

[edit] Statue

Their Statue is pretty much the only reason that they are popular. SpongeBob climbed the Statue and seemed to enjoy it. It is like some sort of jungle gym.

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