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The outside of Fancy!
A human employee of the restaurant plays "imported music".

Fancy! is a noble and very expensive restaurant in Bikini Bottom. The Fancy! restaurant has been viewed in a few episodes so far.

In Krusty Love, Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff go on a date to the restaurant and when the bill comes Mr. Krabs nearly has a heart attack and the restaurant blew up when the bill was changed.

Obviously it was rebuilt because in Chocolate With Nuts, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mary and her mother went to the restaurant and booked out the whole restaurant just to dine there. In that same episode, Squidward attempted to get in although he was not allowed to. SpongeBob has once rented the house using Tom's money and did it with Patrick Star.

SpongeBob also worked here in exchange, and brought Krabby Patties in the episode: Le Big Switch . It is revealed that the main chef of Fancy! is Mr. Le Schnook, who is a greedy purple selfish villain. He is extremely wicked, and SpongeBob has become the Exchange Chef of Fancy! He brought Krabby Patties, but then brought back the popularity of the Krusty Krab, and also Fancy! became bankrupt or sold out.


It has a gold steps entry that leads you into a Bottle which leads you into a very elegant, Brown ship. Around the ship there is room for parking, but not much. On top of the bottle there is a sign that displays: FANCY! In a red text, there is a cork at the short end of the bottle to block access water out of it. It is possible that the ship was made underwater, but it is also possible that the original ship sunk, and then they made it much better in order to attract customers.

The Bills

  • In Krusty Love, the bills are extremely high. The waiters are still not satisfied for what they work for at the Fancy!
  • The minimum for a light and small meal is $100 and the maximum is $100,000. This made Mr. Krabs so heartbroken that he destroyed the restaurant with his loud yelling, much similar to a bomb in his yell!

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