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Taco Sombrero is a restaurant which appears in the episode SpongeBob You're Fired. SpongeBob worked here when Mr. Krabs dismissed him; by that point, SpongeBob had already been fired from Weenie Hut and Pizza Pie-Hole. When SpongeBob made a Burrito Patty, the restaurant's manager, Senor Taco, fired him. SpongeBob then worked at Wet Noodle, which he was swiftly fired from. Later in the episode, Senor Taco kidnaps SpongeBob, indicating that Burrito Patties have become popular.

[edit] Appearance

The restaurant is built out of planks and there are flags bearing the tacos. On top of the building is a sombrero with the inscription "Taco Sombrero".

Inside the restaurant is a lamp in the form of a sombrero and green seats and chairs. There are also orange wallpapers.

[edit] Products

  • Taco
  • Burrito Patty (SpongeBob's dish)

[edit] Employments

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