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The Glove Universe.jpg
The Glove Universe
Founder = Unknown (possibly former Glove World Owner)
Location = Bikini Bottom
Products = Glove-related products
First Appearance = "Glove World R.I.P."
Last Appearance = Glove Universe (online game)

Glove Universe is Bikini Bottom's largest current theme park. It is the successor park to Glove World. It was opened after the original Glove World closed. It appears in the episode "Glove World R.I.P." It also appears in the video game "SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures." It also appears at the end of Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em.

[edit] History

All the rides at the original Glove World park were breaking down due to age. Finally, the park was scheduled to be closed. SpongeBob and Patrick did everything they could to prevent this, including riding all the broken rides to see if they could fix them, and chaining themselves to Glove World's entrance when they discovered that most of the rides could not be fixed. The owner of Glove World comes to shut down the park, but cannot because SpongeBob and Patrick have chained themselves to the gate. SpongeBob asks him if there is any way Glove World could stay open. The owner says he is closing Glove World so he can open the much larger and better Glove Universe park. SpongeBob and Patrick are very excited, and SpongeBob tells Patrick to give him the key to their chains so they can go to Glove Universe. Unfortunately, Patrick threw the keys in Glove Lake, "where no one will ever find it!" The original Glove World is later officially shut down and demolished.

[edit] Rides

The names of the rides at Glove Universe are unknown, although it appears to be many times bigger than Glove World. It also has many flashing lights, and it appears to have upgraded versions of all the old rides at Glove World, including the famous Fiery Fist O' Pain roller coaster. The rides may have names when introduced in future seasons or episodes. According to the SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures game, it will still have the Tunnel of Glove.

[edit] Trivia

  • There is an online game also titled "Glove Universe".
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