Mattress Warehouse

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The Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse is a place featured in the episode The Lost Mattress,and a short appearance in Ghost Host. It is a big store with a slanted green roof. Inside it has lots of different mattresses, some of which were explored by SpongeBob and Patrick when trying to find a new one for Mr. Krabs. The mattress warehouse has thousands of mattresses. SpongeBob and Patrick eventually get Mr.Krabs a new mattress and throw his old one away. The problem was all his money was in the old mattress.

[edit] Quotes

SpongeBob: "How many do you think there are?"

Patrick: "Ten."

SpongeBob: "Wow,"

The inside

[edit] Mattresses Featured

  • Bouncy Mattress
  • Soft Mattress
  • Hard Mattress
  • Race Car Mattress (also a drivable car)
  • Spiky Mattress
  • Remote-Control Mattress
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