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The Stamp Store is a store where Plankton gets Stamps from in Spy Buddies. It uses machines for money.

[edit] Looks

There are blue walls and in The Stamp Store the Machines are what the store uses to get money. Plankton has to go to this store to buy his mail stamps.

[edit] Spy Buddies Appearance

After Plankton finds that Guppies R Us doesn't have his size of clothes. Plankton sadly leaves and then goes next door to The Stamp Store and buys a stamp from the machines and probably mails it.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • The Stamp Store isn't seen again after Spy Buddies.
  • The Stamp Store holds machines that when you place money inside it releases the stamp in a little hole.
  • Plankton buys Stamps from here.
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