Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

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Developer(s): Purple Lamp
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date(s): 2020
Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Modes of Play: Single-Player
Based on: The television series SpongeBob SquarePants, remaster of the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is a SpongeBob video game released in 2020 by THQ Nordic. It is a remaster of the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom.





The plot is almost the same as the original video game.


As in the original game, there are more enemies than "good guys", and almost all of them are robots. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy each have their own way to defeat enemies. While some can be defeated by any of the three playable characters, others require a specific playable character to defeat.

  • Fodder: Easy-to-defeat robots with an electric staff. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • Ham-mer: Easy-to-defeat robots with a heavy piece of ham used as a hammer. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • Tar-Tar: Robots that shoot tartar sauce. To defeat - Two hit attacks.
  • Chuck: Robots that throw rockets from afar. To defeat - Use viking hat move when under the robot.
  • Chomp-Bot: Robots that spray stinky dog breath. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • G-Love: Robots that spin around and slap. To defeat - Jump above the robot as it's spinning and use bubble feet move.
  • Monsoon: Robots that create rain clouds to attack. To defeat- Use viking helmet underneath robot.
  • Bomb-Bot: Robots that follow you and blow up in a few seconds. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • Arf: Robots that carry a supply of Arf Dawgs that follow you and blow up. To defeat - Bubble bowl into it. When it moves, repeat.
    • Arf Dawg: Robot dogs that Arf uses, which explode without warning. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • Sleepy Time: Robots that will wake up if you don't sneak up on them. To defeat - Sneak up on it, then one hit attack.
  • Bzzzt-bot: Robots that shoot gamma rays from their eye. To defeat - One hit attack.
  • Slick: Robots that have an oil bubble shield and shoot oil bubbles. To defeat - Bubble bowl to remove the shield, then bubble bowl again, or three hit attacks.
  • Tubelet: Three robots that are stacked, and the bottom one spins and spurts out lava. To defeat - Jump over lava then hit the bottom one, then use viking helmet attack to clear the other two.
  • Robot Plankton: The evil robot who you must periodically deal with during the final boss battle. To defeat - Use bubble rocket or basic attack (at times).


Several bosses appear throughout the game. Upon confronting them, the player must battle the bosses to proceed.

  • King Jellyfish: Confronted in Jellyfish Fields. Attacks by spouting an army of jellyfish. When he lands, SpongeBob can hit him with the bubble wand.
  • Robo-Sandy: Confronted in the Poseidome. A martial-arts robot version of Sandy. Though she is strong, her weakspot is the "KA-BOOM" button under her head. Patrick can throw her head, and SpongeBob can Viking Smash it.
  • Prawn: Confronted in the Mermalair. Launches a repulsor ray. SpongeBob can't attack him until you find a safe, uncolored row of tiles. Use the bowling ball attack on him. Ham-mer Bots also inhabit the area.
  • Robo-Patrick: Confronted in the Industrial Park. A lean-mean Patrick machine that attacks with nuclear sludge on his ice cream cone, and has icy breath. Aim for his back with the "Kick Me" sign attached to it.
  • Flying Dutchman: Confronted in his own graveyard. Fires lasers with his eyes and later uses his nose like a flamethrower. During this move, Sandy can lasso his tail.
  • Robo-Squidward: Boss scrapped from the original game.
  • SpongeBot SteelPants: Final boss, confronted in the Chum Bucket Laboratory. A robot version of SpongeBob with his karate gear on. First, Bubble Bounce on his hands. Then, either jump and hit Robo-Plankton, or cruise bubble Robo-Plankton. SpongeBot SteelPants will then get up and start doing karate chops (he adds another karate chop with every hit). Dodge that, then fire Cruise Bubble at the green lights. Then, deal with Robo-Plankton again. Then he will start shouting "KAH-RAE-TAE!" (he adds another one every hit). Then the battle repeats until SpongeBot has suffered enough damage. Then you must destroy 5 Duplicatrons, hit Robo-Plankton with a cruise bubble after destroying each Duplicatron, then Bubble Spin the first fuse, Bubble Bash the second, Bubble Bounce the third, and Bubble Bowl the last. Then, destroy three fuses inside his brain by cruise bubble into each one; each brain hole has one brain fuse. Before you cruise bubble into each brain fuse, you must first deal with Robo-Plankton, one before each brain hole.


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