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The Inside of the Industrial Park

The Industrial Park is seen in the episode: Pre-Hibernation Week. It seems to be a heavily polluted part of Bikini Bottom, which is the reason why nobody lives here.

Sandy and SpongeBob went on a tandem-bike ride here.

[edit] Trials

The park seems to be divided into trials, done by means of a bike:

  • Going up a metal ladder
  • Riding the bike on a thin piece of barb wire, with risk of falling into an acid pit
  • Riding down a steep conveyor belt, with a junkyard crusher at the bottom.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the game Drawn to Life it is called "Bibo Industries"
  • In Battle for Bikini Bottom, this is where you fight Robo-Patrick. The GBA version has 3-6 Robots in the skies, 3-Boss Squid Vicious, AKA Robo Squidward and on 4-5 is Industrial Robolution with Rock Bottom music from the first level in Chapter 4.
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