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Robo-Patrick appears in SpongeBob video games.


[edit] Looks

Robo-Pat's looks in Truth or Square

In Battle for Bikini Bottom, he is gray and has red skulls and a KICK ME HERE on his pants. In Truth or Square (Video Game), he is pink and has a big belt and a giant, red Plankton-like eye.

[edit] Abilities

[edit] Battle for Bikini Bottom

  • Goo Spit
  • Goo Hurl
  • Spin
  • Freeze Breath

[edit] Truth or Square

  • Smash Hammer
  • Spin with his hands

[edit] Defeated

When he is defeated in Battle for Bikini Bottom, he explodes, but it's unknown how Plankton built him again. In Truth or Square, however, he explodes again.

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