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The Front Cover

Underpants Slam! is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game released in 2007 about collecting underwear and is available on XBOX Live.

[edit] Plot

A storm current has disrupted a shipment of the undergarments of Lord of the Sea King Neptune's underwear, spreading them across the ocean floor. Neptune has called upon his subjects to collect the lost undergarments, with a reward offered to the one who collects the most underwear.

[edit] Gameplay

You progress through levels by collecting 99 pairs of underwear through 10 levels. Levels are populated by jellyfish, who can swim away with pairs of underpants. These stolen underpants can only be retrieved by attacking the jellyfish, failure to attack at the right moment results in an electrical shock. Most pairs of underpants are scattered around levels, though several are hidden in objects such as pipes and boxes which must be destroyed. Power-ups such as a magnet to draw in nearby bloomers can be collected throughout the levels, though some can have negative effects such as reversing the controls.

[edit] Trivia

This is another game followed by Truth or Square that is not released on a home console. This game has recently been heavily discussed on SB mania. A following to the game has sprang up on the site, lead by a user known as bbbb. Including there now infamous motto Remember, hail bbbb, and always stay Slamming As seen here http://underpantsslam.freeforums.net/board/1/general-discussion

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