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SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab

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Developer(s): Blitz Games (Console)
Publisher: THQ
Release Date(s): October 2006
Genre: Various
Modes of Play: Single-Player
Based on: The television series SpongeBob SquarePants
PlayStation 2
Nintendo DS
Game Boy Advance

The PC version of the game - Nighty Nightmare

Creature from the Krusty Krab is a SpongeBob video game that was released in October 2006 for PlayStation 2, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and PC. PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox and Xbox 360 versions were planned, but they were cancelled.


[edit] Plot

SpongeBob, Plankton, and Patrick are stuck in horrid nightmares and the only way to wake up is to make your way through crazy, weird and fantastic worlds including inside a comic book about Patrick's alter ego "Starfishman", and inside a Alaskan Bull Worm that swallowed SpongeBob after defeating Plankton, who later destroyed Bikini Bottom after becoming giant in a race. Soon they must race each other. The winner wouldn't really get anything unless it was their dream. In that case, they would wake up. In the end, it turns out to be Gary's nightmare.

[edit] Levels

[edit] 1. Diesel Dreaming

SpongeBob's bed has transformed into a hot rod! Help him get the parts he needs to beat the Champion. He first goes for a test drive. Next, he goes to find his licence. Then he races Patrick. He finds his car parts. Then he races Plankton. He finds turbos. Finally, he races Gary. He drives into a hole by accident at the end.

Character- SpongeBob or SpongeBob's Hotrod


  • Thugs with wrenches
  • Large thugs with car window shield
  • Alter ego Racer: Patrick, Plankton, Gary with bombs. Patrick drops scull bombs, plankton drops mines, gary drops shell bombs.

Moves: Jump and double jump/ Sand Slap attack/ Grappling arms/ Slam attack/ Dash attack/

Music- Lobster of the pack, lobster of the pack light

[edit] 2. Starfishman to the Rescue

It's Starfishman!

Patrick is a superhero known as Starfishman! In a cel-shaded world where everyone resembles Patrick, can Starfishman defeat the Dreaded Patrick, who is trying to remake the town in his image, before it's too late? He first goes through town, and he receives phone calls for help from a stranger which Patrick refers to as "Phone Guy". He then goes to a train station and saves a citizen. After that, he finds all his clothes and gives the mayor laundry detergent "to help clean up the town." Lastly, he goes up a elevator where he needs to defeat the starfish goons. He goes to the top and saves a citizen tied to a rocket, but he fails to notice a surprise attack. He gets knocked out and is tied to the rocket. The Dreaded Patrick sends Starfishman to space. A ring is knocked down and traps the Dreaded Patrick.

Character- Patrick/Starfishman


  • Green, Blue, Red, and Purple Starfish Goons.
  • Dreaded Patrick
  • Giant Starfish Goons

Moves: Jump and double jump/ Spin attack/ Bluster puff/ Ground Slam/ Super charge

Music- I need a herring, I need a herring light

[edit] 3. Super-Sized Patty

Finally, after all those years of waiting Plankton has a Krabby Patty... specifically, a Krabby Patty crumb. But when he tries to grow the crumb, his miscoordinated Growth Ray grows the entire Krabby Patty to the size of a boat! Plankton decides to fight back with size, but the Growth Ray only makes him the size of a citizen, not enough to dwarf the patty. Carrying only his freeze ray, Plankton runs through different parts of town. He runs from east of Bikini Bottom to the industrial park, the power station, and the stadium. Then he goes to Downtown Bikini Bottom and heads to the Chum Bucket. He then gets crushed by the patty when he hides behind the coral.

Character- Plankton


  • Giant Krabby Patty
  • Jellyfish

Moves: Jump and double jump/ Freeze ray blast/

Music- We need to get out of here, We need to get out of here light, bikini day

[edit] 4. Alaskan Belly Trouble

SpongeBob wakes up and finds that the hole he has driven his car into is the mouth of an Alaskan Bull Worm! Inside the Bull Worm, he looks for parts of a plane that can help him escape. He rescues the chief's wife for the plane's wings. He then goes to an inventor and gets his three power cells. He gets a propeller. He finally gets rid of a chili bowl that has been giving the worm stomach problems. He gets the steering wheel.

Character- SpongeBob


  • Krabs
  • Krabs on Unicycles
  • Lobster
  • Goo-Spewing Plants

Moves- Sand slap/ Grapple arms/ Slam/ Dash

Music- Shrimply the best; Worm's a matter with you, eh; Creature song, Creature song light

[edit] 5. Rocket Rodeo

Patrick wakes up as Starfishman in space. He is still tied to the rocket; he uses his foot to steer it. He then uses his rocket cannons to destroy asteroids. He then fights a Krabby Patty-esque UFO that has been constantly stalking him. He destroys the UFO and flies to Earth.

Character- Patrick on Rocket


  • Meteors
  • Patty UFO

Moves/ Rocket cannon

Music- I feel in love with a starfish trooper, Rocket Manatee, Black hole song

[edit] 6. Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster

Plankton wakes up when his computer wife Karen wakes up the Krabby Patty with her wake-up call. Plankton sets the correct coordinations on the Growth Ray and makes himself giant, scaring the patty away. Plankton destroys half the town to get to the patty. He then goes to the dump and destroys everything. He finally gets the patty. At that moment, SpongeBob escapes the Bull Worm, and the patty jumps onto the wing of his plane, making Plankton mad.

Character- Giant Plankton


  • Bikini Bottom Defense Force

Moves- Punch/ Eye laser/ Stomp/ Collect bull horns to use the tornado.

Music- Giant Plankton Movie Theme

[edit] 7. It Came From Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob goes through town and gets the hang of riding a plane. He hides from Plankton in the sewers. He later chases Plankton. He then goes to a construction site and hurts Plankton. He then goes to a mining cave. He then gets in another goose chase. He finally destroys a radio tower, and Plankton falls on his rear. SpongeBob tries to help him, but then Plankton kidnaps SpongeBob.

Character- SpongeBob or SpongeBob's Plane


  • Geysers
  • Giant Plankton.

Move- Plane gun

Music- Plankton for the music

[edit] 8. Rooftop Rumble

Patrick lands back on Earth. Upon arrival at Bikini Bottom, he finds Plankton has captured SpongeBob. He finds Mermaid Man and he tells him that there is a shrink ray that can be used to shrink Plnkton to normal size. But the Plankton army stops him, and he throws cars at him. He then goes to the top of a roof where he uses the satellites to deflect Plankton's eye lasers. He moves in to signal the Bikini Bottom Defense Forces to annoy Plankton. He goes to a big roof and controls the crane to smash Plankton's hands. He goes to the final battle, where Patrick finally shrinks Plankton.

Character- Patrick/Starfishman


Moves- Spin/blow/smash/charge

Music- Rooftop Battle

[edit] 9. Hyponotic Highway

SpongeBob, Patrick and Plankton discover that they are having nightmares because they ate a Krabby Patty before falling asleep. However, the doctor who is talking to them is actually the Krabby Patty! All three race to prove who was really dreaming. SpongeBob wins, and it shows him at the Krusty Krab serving the Krabby Patty to everyone. Patrick wins, and everybody cheers for him and he tries to eat the Patty. Plankton wins, and he created a wasteland. All three endings lead to the revelation that it was all really Gary's dream.

Character- SpongeBob's Monster Car, Patrick on Rocket, or Plankton in a Hovercraft. Moves- Race vehicles.

Enemies- Everyone except for the character you are.

Music- When the Gudgeon gets tough

[edit] GBA version

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Levels Deseil dreaming..... The big race/ The tunnel/ The missing parts/ The fall/ Starfish man...... Goons trash/ The tower/ The train/ DP vs starfish man/ Super patty....... The lab/ The goo/ The patty chase/ Plankton vs patty/ Alaskan bull...... The run/ The inner belly/ The plane parts/ Find a way out/ Rocket...... The aliens/ The astroids/ The space station/ The black hole/ Giant plankton....... The destruction/ The bridge/ The sky/ The building/ It came....... SpongeBob chase/ The inside building/ the clouds/ SpongeBob vs plankton/ rooftop......... The building leaps/ The shrink ray parts/ The battle/ Hiway.......... SpongeBob hypcar/ patrick rocket w wheels/ Plankton hovercraft/

[edit] Sponge Band

This is where you can relax from the game and play music.


  • SpongeBob's Guitar
  • Patrick's Drums
  • SpongeBob's Harp
  • Patrick's Maracas
  • SpongeBob's Trombone
  • Patrick's Swanny Whistle
  • Plankton's Synthesizer

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Voice Cast

[edit] Bonus Games

[edit] Console

  • Pouncin' Poundin' Patty (Super-Sized Patty) - Collect trash without waking the patty.
  • Scrap Scramble (Alaskan Belly Trouble) - Put the green trash in the green bucket and yellow in the yellow.
  • Meteor Mania (Rocket Rodeo) - Zap meteors to save the space station
  • Wakey Wakey Shakey Shakey (Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster) - Zap the lighted windows to destroy the skyscraper.

[edit] GBA

  • Race - Race Starfishman to the top by using trampolines.
  • Darts - Shoot the targets, but not Plankton!
  • Fall - Get SpongeBob as far down as you can.
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