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Not to be confused with Employee of the Month (Episode)

Employee of the Month is a computer game released in 2002.

The Front Cover



You have to help SpongeBob get to Neptune's Paradise. You have to go through four chapters to complete the game and see the finale.


Chapter One: Employee of the Year

SpongeBob starts in the Krusty Krab and has to help a customer by giving him a Krabby Patty. After that he goes to downtown Bikini Bottom to see Patrick. Unfortunately for SpongeBob, he doesn't have any money for bus tokens. Patrick tells him that there's buried treasure at Goo Lagoon and to talk to someone over there. So SpongeBob goes to Goo Lagoon and finds a spot or four with buried treasure and he can't dig it up. He finds Larry the Lobster at Mussle Beach. He tries to get Larry's shovel and pail, but he can't. He talks to him and after a conversation tells SpongeBob he misses grandma's homemade pies. So SpongeBob goes to his grandma's house and talks to her. He finds out he needs to get Urchin Chips for her pie so he goes to the Barg'n Mart to get some. He meets Eugene The Cashier there and tells SpongeBob that if he washes his Boatcar for him he'll pay for the Urchin Chips. SpongeBob washes the boatcar and gets the Urchin Chips. He goes to his grandma's house and gets the pie (with the Urchin Chips in it) and gives it to Larry. SpongeBob "borrows" Larry's shovel and pail and digs up the buried treasure. The buried treasure is actually bus tokens! He goes to downtown Bikini Bottom and shows Patrick the bus tokens he got. A bus driver shows up who thinks it's going to rain and will not go until he has an umbrella. SpongeBob goes to Goo Lagoon and finds a lady with an "umbrella". She will only let SpongeBob have it if she had some sunscreen. SpongeBob meets a manta-ray who would give him the sunscreen if he had a better one. SpongeBob goes back to Barg'n Mart and sees Mr. Krabs selling junk. (He had already sold his clothes!) And Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob some old kind of oil. SpongeBob goes back to Goo Lagoon and gives it to the manta-ray. He takes and gives the sunscreen to the lady he saw earlier. And finally gets the "umbrella". He gives it to the bus driver and ends the chapter.

Chapter Two: Hitting Rock Bottom

After a bus crash in Rock Bottom (City), SpongeBob has to figure a way out. He goes to the bus station and tries to get some information from a one-eyed lady fish. She will give him infomation if he gets her a Kelp Bar. He goes out to a "Kandy" machine, but he has no quarters for it. He finds a manhole nearby with a quarter in it. He goes into a nearby restroom and accidentally falls in. He gets the quarter and comes out. He goes back to the same "Kandy" machine and gets the Kelp Bar and gives it to the one-eyed fish. She tells him about a TV station called WSEA where her sister works. SpongeBob goes there and sees her. There's three rooms he can't enter. Two of which he has to have tools with him to enter and the other having been messed by a "freaky" wizard named Marlin. SpongeBob goes outside the studio and meets a fish who will let him borrow his tools if he gives him a Kelpsi (see trivia). He goes to the Bus Stop and meets the familiar looking guy who was a customer at the Krusty Krab earlier. SpongeBob steals his can when he's not looking. He also finds out about a place The Rusty Anchor and meets Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy there. Mermaid Man had had a Kelpsi drinking contest with Patrick and could not move. Barnacle Boy strained his back dragging him as far as he could and could not get Mermaid Man into the Invisible Boatmobile. SpongeBob goes in and tells a muscular bartender about it. The bartender goes out and helps them. Meanwhile, SpongeBob finds a cup and puts another soda in it (they were out of Kelpsi). SpongeBob pours it into the Kelpsi can to disguise it. He gives to the repair man and the repair man lets SpongeBob borrow his tools. He goes in and meets a weather man named Gary (yes, Gary). SpongeBob finds out where Marlin's place is and goes there. To get in to see him he has to pull a slot machine to get directions to see him. He gets directions and eventually finds him. He gets a magic wand from Marlin and uses it to go into the control room at WSEA. He tampers with the controls and ends the chapter.

Chapter Three: Back To Square One

After getting back to the Bikini Bottom, the bus driver says the bus supposedly runs out of gas, so they have to stop in Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile, Patrick decided to eat at the Diner and tells SpongeBob that Sandy has a rocket (from Sandy's Rocket) they could use to get to Neptune's Paradise. A waitress comes out with Sandy's lunch and has SpongeBob to deliver it to Sandy in Jellyfish Fields. SpongeBob takes it to Sandy and Sandy tells SpongeBob to meet her at the treedome with his water helmet. He goes home to find a seasnake in his water helmet! He decides to get Squidward's clarinet to charm it and get it out. Unfortunately, when he goes to Squidward's house to borrow it, Squidward's asleep and he does not want to wake him up. Meanwhile, while SpongeBob's leaving, he sees a commercial for a place called "Sardine's Sundries" that has something called "Dream Glasses" for free! He goes there to get them and brings them back to Squidward's house to get into Squidward's dream. When he is in Squidward's dream, he has been changed to a form similar to Squidward. The whole place is similar to Tentacle Acres except, instead, every house is similar to SpongeBob's house. He goes into a concert hall and sees Squidward playing his clarinet on a stage (similar to his dream in Sleepy Time.) He tricks Squidward into giving him the clarinet and takes off the dream glasses. He goes back home and gets the seasnake out of his water helmet via charming it with Squidward's clarinet. He takes the water helmet and goes to Sandy's treedome. He finds out that Sandy lost her oxygen tanks for her rocket. He finds them behind a turned-over table and gives them to Sandy. SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick fly in the rocket and end the chapter.

Chapter Four: Bottom's Up!

Patrick had stepped on the hose getting the oxygen fuel into the rocket and pulled it out and now the rocket has crashed! Sandy gives SpongeBob the oxygen tanks and tells him to go to Oxygen Springs to refill it. SpongeBob tries to go into Oxygen Springs, but a security guard (via speaker and a security camera) tells SpongeBob he can go in if he has a jacket on. He goes and tells Sandy about this "dress code" and she tells him to go see her friend Cowfish Craig in Waverly Hills (parody of Beverly Hills). He goes there, but the gate will not open. He turns on a water fountain up front and the water spews out on him. The gate opens for him because he is now heavy enough for the gate to open. He goes to a man's mansion (made almost entirely of money and gold!) and finds out that a neighbor had stolen his golden coconut. He finds Cowfish Craig's house (actually a small little shack surrounded by mansions!) Unfortunately, he has no jacket he can borrow, but he has stolen a golden coconut a neighbor had! He goes up to the front of Waverly Hills and gets a "normal" coconut from a coconut tree (yes, it's underwater) and switches them. He gives the golden coconut back to the man who had it and receives a simple quarter. He goes back to the rocket landing and finds a torn billboard advertising Sublime Seafood. The phone number to the place is 555-4444. He uses a nearby phone booth to call them. He goes there and needs an invitation. He goes around to the back of the building and finds that a guy named Timmy has a contest and the prize is an invitation to Sublime Seafood. All he has to answer is the new slogan Sublime Seafood now has. He obviously doesn't know the answer and goes around the corner to find a pair of binoculars. He uses them to see what their slogan is. He goes back and tells Timmy that the slogan is "Tastes like chicken!" He wins the invitation and is able to go in. He needs a jacket and gets one from the "coat-lady" nearby. He goes in and orders a Krabby Patty. They throw him out for ordering such and they forgot to remove his jacket. Fortunately, he's now able to go into Oxygen Springs! He goes in there and finds Patrick! He asks Patrick how he got in and Patrick tells him he just climbed over some rocks. He also asks Patrick if he could use the oxygen spring he was in. Patrick couldn't get out because he had no pants on. He goes into the building nearby and finds the familiar guy again (he had already seen him at the Krusty Krab, Rock Bottom at the bus stop, and at Sardine's Sundries) and finds out he has a bunch of brothers. One of them hangs up Patrick's pants and SpongeBob takes them back to Patrick. Patrick puts them on and SpongeBob gets the oxygen tanks filled up. They take them back to Sandy where they are finally able to enter Neptune's Paradise. The chapter ends.

Chapter Five: Neptune's Paradise

He finds out the park's closed. The worker says they are having a special party for someone named "SpringBoob SquirePen" . Sandy corrects him and it's actually for SpongeBob SquarePants. Every one who has appeared in the game pops out and they go on every ride at the carnival. The game ends with Patrick still spinning around on a bumper car. This is the only chapter that has no gameplay and is just a movie.


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  • Patrick wears the same shirt and has the same camera that he had from Neptune's Spatula.
  • Kelpsi is a parody of a popular soda called Pepsi.
  • A poster of the PC game - Operation Krabby patty - can be seen in the weather station!
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