The Gift of Gum (Episode)

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The Gift of Gum
Titlecard-The Gift of Gum.jpg

© Viacom

Episode No.: 80b
Season: 4/2006
Airdate: February 19, 2007
Previous Episode: Best Day Ever
Next Episode: Friend or Foe?
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Gary the Snail Tom Kenny
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
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© Viacom

The Gift of Gum is the last episode from Season 4.







On one of the holidays they presumably made up; Best Friend's Day, SpongeBob gives Patrick a robo-butler, and Patrick gives SpongeBob a wad of used gum he has amassed over his entire lifetime (fondly referred to as "Gummy"), and SpongeBob finds it a better gift than his own. However, when he takes it home, it starts to scare him including a segment where a pair of underpants crawls out of the gum, slides up to SpongeBob, and says in a demonic voice "You're not Patrick!". So first, he tries to hide it in the trash bin, but when Patrick comes, he says he gave it a makeover. Then when he tries to hide it in a hole, he says he wants to look at it from a better angle. SpongeBob's plan goes awry when Patrick has Gummy placed on the front of SpongeBob's house calling it "A million times better" Then SpongeBob pretends to steal it, but instead frees some people stuck in the wad of gum. Finally, the gum explodes onto SpongeBob's Pineapple, Squidward's Easter Island Head, and Patrick's rock, and sticks to SpongeBob, Squidward, and Sandy. At the end, SpongeBob gives it back to Patrick and eats all of the gum to free SpongeBob, but burps it out again and covers the entire town in gum.


  • This episode is shown more often than the other episodes since it is aired with The Best Day Ever.
  • This episode aired in November 2007 and it is a Season 4 episode. However, it was released on DVD many months before it aired.
  • This episode aired in Germany, Latin America and The UK before it aired in the United States.
  • When SpongeBob is giving Gummy back to Patrick, he tells him that it is still Best Friends Day. However, the episode took place over two days.
  • It is possible that SpongeBob and Patrick made up Best Friends Day since they have made up several holidays although there is really a holiday called "International Friendship Day" which is on June 8th.
  • This is the second time Sandy says "Crazytalk". The first time was I Had an Accident.
  • When SpongeBob looks at Gummy from the second floor, his living room is on the second floor even though on other episodes its on the first floor.
  • This episode replaced another episode that was going to be called, "Uncle Sherm's Visit"
  • The Season 4, Volume 2 cover is based upon this episode.

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