The Card (Episode)

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The Card
Episode No.: 113b
Airdate: 28.11.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Krusty Krushers
Next Episode: Dear Vikings

"The Card" is an episode from Season 6.




The card pack




SpongeBob withdraws some money from the bank to buy the new Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy trading cards that are on sale, but keeps on asking for an unscathed bill, so he is kicked out. SpongeBob goes to store and finds Patrick, who is checking out a counting book. SpongeBob buys a pack of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy cards and thinks they're valuable, but the clerk tells him that the cards are worthless compared to the super-rare platinum holographic animated talking #54 cards, and there are only five in existence. SpongeBob asks the clerk if he could buy the one he is displaying, but the clerk reveals it's not genuine and is for display, and SpongeBob can only find the cards by buying packs. So SpongeBob starts buy and opening all the packs, but one. Patrick gives up on the counting book and buys the last pack and shows SpongeBob the card, who is stunned. And to make matters worse, Patrick doesn't treat it with the care and respect SpongeBob believes it deserves, so SpongeBob defends the card from anything that could scathe it. Patrick then lets SpongeBob have the card if he gets to use it until nightfall. Patrick is too careless with the card and once he gives it to SpongeBob, it disintegrates in his hand, making SpongeBob sob. Patrick then lets him have the other four cards and SpongeBob realizes that they're the super-rare platinum holographic animated talking #54 cards. Patrick tells him that they were in the pack he brought, and asks SpongeBob if he could borrow one to open his rock.


  • First we see Gary redshell.
  • 2nd time we see Patrick's BBQ grill.
  • In Skill Crane, SpongeBob claims he thinks he can only pick up toys, yet he manages to save Patrick and the card from getting destroyed in a fire by catching them with a crane in this episode. It is possible that he learned how to pick up other things afterwards.
  • How can there be animation on a card? Unless it is a hologram card. Then again, how can a card even have sound on it?
  • In the money withdrawal line at the bank, there is a robber standing in the line. The ironic joke is obvious, but it is hard to understand because, if he is only making a withdrawal, then he wouldn't be standing in the line with a bag of stolen money.
  • When Patrick walks off a girder & almost falls into a cauldron of fire, it is a reference to the video game Donkey Kong.
  • These are the things Patrick uses the card for:
    • Floss
    • A key
    • Something to clean a barbeque grill
    • A match
    • A spatula
    • A plate
    • A napkin


Transcript for The Card

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