Cephalopod Lodge (Episode)

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Cephalopod Lodge
Episode No.: 115b
Airdate: Feburary 17, 2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Grandpappy the Pirate
Next Episode: Squid's Visit

"Cephalopod Lodge" is an episode from Season 6.






While working at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob notices that Squidward has a huge smile on his face. For some unknown reason, Squidward is always happy on the third Wednesday of every month. Not knowing what to do, SpongeBob runs to Mr. Krabs' office. When the two look out of Mr. Krabs' door, they see Squidward excitedly speaking to Roger, a fellow cephalopod. During the evening, SpongeBob and Patrick are determined to find out what Squidward's "secret Wednesday secret" is. They follow Squidward to a secret society, the Cephalopod Lodge, whose meeting place is shaped like a pyramid.

After providing the secret handshake to the guard, Squidward is allowed inside. SpongeBob and Patrick sneak in soon after. Inside is a large diverse group of cephalopods in fancy robes and headdresses. Everybody is talking together and having a good time. Then a horn sounds and they all gather around the chief to watch a new member being initiated by facing his greatest fear, "Cantankerous Moray Eeleus" (being stung by an eel in a cage). SpongeBob and Patrick watch too. When the chief realizes that SpongeBob and Patrick have seen the initiation, he screams because no outsiders have ever witnessed one before. Once it becomes clear that Squidward was followed to the meeting, Squidward is banned and all three are kicked out of the pyramid. When SpongeBob and Patrick try to reason with the guard, they say it's not their fault or Squidward's. The guard asks who is responsible, and Patrick tells the guard it could be his fault, and Squidward remains banned for life.

SpongeBob and Patrick try to make it up to Squidward by starting a club called the 'Feather Friends'. In the club they wear chicken costumes. For initiation, each member must be stung by a jellyfish on their tongue. When Squidward does it, he flies high above the sea bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick soon realize that Squidward would like to be a member of the Cephalopod Lodge, not their club. SpongeBob and Patrick devise a plan to hide in a big sock and pretend to be a giant albino eel, scaring the members of the Cephalopod Lodge. Squidward will defeat the eel and be allowed back in the club. Everything goes as planned, but just when the members are going to welcome Squidward back to the club, SpongeBob and Patrick fly out of the sock and congratulate Squidward. The members kick all three of them out again. Finally, SpongeBob tries to cheer Squidward up by remembering the 'Feather Friends': Patrick gets out a jellyfish and it stings Squidward on the tongue. The episode ends with Squidward screaming in pain from the jellyfish sting. The End.


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The Feather Friends
  • This is the first time Squidward wears underwear.
  • This is the third time it showed more than one of Squidward's kind, the first was in Squidville, and the second was in Ditchin'.
  • In Squidville, all the octopuses look like Squidward, yet in this episode, all the squids are different.
  • When SpongeBob pulls the small sock out of the drawer, it was animated. But when he pulled out the larger sock, it was real.
  • It is unknown if all the people in the Cephalopod Lodge are all squid, all octopus, or are both.
  • Why is Squilliam not in the lodge? He is a cephalopod too.
  • Why is Squidette not in the lodge? She is a cephalopod as well.
  • Brother Roger's name may be a parody of Squidward's voice actor, Roger Bumpass.
  • If Squidward hadn't smiled or had a very quiet conversation with Roger, SpongeBob and Patrick wouldn't have ruined the big moment for Squidward.
  • Patrick was the only one who did not take of his Feather Friend outfit before the scene changer cuts to the three of them at the Cephalapod Lodge.
  • When Roger was talking to Squidward in the Krusty Krab he is green. But, when he's at the Cephalapod Lodge, he's blue.
  • If you look closely, one of the octopus's pupils is heart-shaped.


Transcript for Cephalopod Lodge

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