Captain Magma

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Captain magma2.jpg
Gender: Male
Powers: Shooting lava
Weaknesses: A water bubble from Mermaid Man
Friends: The Quickster, Miss Appear, Elastic Waistband

Captain Magma is a superhero who is seen in the episodes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V and The Bad Guy Club for Villains (as "Professor Magma"). He is part of The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances. Squidward briefly acts under the name. He has the ability to shoot lava from his head. His costume is a red jumpsuit with a yellow M and a little explosion on it and a volcano hat that spurts out lava.

[edit] Powers

  • He can shoot extremely hot magma from the volcano on his head. The magma is triggered by the code word "Krakatoa!!!"

[edit] Weaknesses

[edit] Trivia

  • Originally, Squidward did not want to be Captain Magma; however, Mr. Krabs forced him to because he said go save the world or he would be fired.
  • Captain Magma is a parody of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch.
  • He is called Professor Magma in Bad Guy Club For Villains and is not Squidward's alter ego in the episode.
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