Choir Boys (Episode)

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Choir Boys
Episode No.: 112b
Airdate: March 20, 2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Porous Pockets
Next Episode: Krusty Krushers

"Choir Boys" is an episode from Season 6.






Squidward has another scheme to become famous He dresses up and is excited to sing with the Bikini Bottom's Men's Choir. He is confident that they will make him their lead soloist. He leaves his house to find SpongeBob depressed, lying on the ground. SpongeBob is sad because Patrick is gone, at a family reunion. SpongeBob wants to go with Squidward, but Squidward does not want him to. Squidward tells him that he is going to be a featured soloist. SpongeBob has a song in his heart that he wants to share. SpongeBob clears his throat for an extremely long time, but Squidward leaves on his bicycle before he can start singing. SpongeBob continues to follow Squidward, trying to get his attention. At one point he digs a giant pothole in the street, causing Squidward to be launched into Jellyfish Fields, where he is stung repeatedly by jellyfish. Squidward is worried that SpongeBob will embarrass him at the practice, so he ties SpongeBob to some coral using seaweed. SpongeBob sings a prolonged, pretty note, causing his bonds to break, and attracting jellyfish. The jellyfish lift up SpongeBob and begin carrying him to the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus. When Squidward arrives at singing practice, he is very bad at singing and when Squidward sings badly SpongeBob arrives on cue with his jellyfish entourage to outdo Squidward. SpongeBob is given the position that Squidward was hoping for, much to Squidward's disappointment. SpongeBob agrees to be the featured soloist as long as they find a "spot for [his] inspiration and great friend, Squidward." Squidward is given the job of turning the pages of sheet music for SpongeBob much to his anger.


  • SpongeBob says that Patrick is gone to visit his family.
  • The old Grandma that appeared in "Have You Seen This Snail?",Shuffleboarding and Boating Buddies returns and is playing the piano. And her voice is higher than usual. That is because she is normally voiced by Amy Poehler, but this time was by Tom Kenny.
  • This is the second time that Squidward's toilet speaks, the first time was in House Fancy.
  • Squidward says he wants to join the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus, but when he arrives for rehearsal, a sign at the top says Bikini Bottom Men's Choir.
  • This is the second time jellyfish are attracted to music SpongeBob makes. The first was in SpongeHenge.
  • SpongeBob and Squidward are the only main characters that appear in the episode, because SpongeBob mentions that Patrick was out of town, so he doesn't appear.
  • Wouldn't Squidward recognize SpongeBob as a "singing traffic cop"?
  • It is unknown if Gary was at the family reunion with Patrick, when SB Mentions Patrick is at the family reunion. (The royal ministry man mentions Gary is Part of Patrick's family in Rule of Dumb)
  • This is the 3rd time Squidward tries to be famous for art. The first time was in Artist Unknown 2nd was in Slimy Dancing.


Transcript for Choir Boys

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