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Episode Transcripts
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# Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Tentacle-Vision.jpg Tentacle-Vision When Squidward gets his own TV show, SpongeBob and his friends want to join in, despite Squidward's wishes. 127a.jpg
I-Heart-Dancing.jpg I ♥ Dancing Squidward tries to sabotage SpongeBob's dancing audition. 127b.jpg
Growth-Spout.jpg Growth Spout Pearl goes through her growth spurt, and to avoid spending money, Mr. Krabs steals food from friends. 128a.jpg
Stuck-in-the-Wringer.jpg Stuck in the Wringer SpongeBob gets stuck in his wringer and tries to do his regular agenda, with the wringer stuck with him. 128b.jpg
Someone's-in-the-Kitchen-with-Sandy.jpg Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy Plankton steals Sandy's pelt so he can make SpongeBob spill the beans of the formula. Someone's-in-the-Kitchen-with-Sandy2.jpg
The-Inside-Job.jpg The Inside Job Plankton tries to steal the formula by launching himself into Mr. Krabs' brain, but goes into SpongeBob's instead. 129b.jpg
Greasy-Buffoons.jpg Greasy Buffoons Mr. Krabs and Plankton compete by putting delicious, yet unhealthy, grease into their food. Greasy-Buffoons-2.jpg
Model-Sponge.jpg Model Sponge SpongeBob tries a career at being a model in a kitchen sponge commercial. Model-Sponge-4.jpg
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.jpg Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful When a policeman thinks Squidward litters a piece of gum on the street, he forces him to do community service. SSTATUE.jpg
A-Pal-For-Gary.jpg A Pal for Gary SpongeBob thinks Gary is lonely while he's away at work all day, so he buys another pet... a flashy-colored nudibranch. Puffy fluffy.jpg
Yours-Mine-and-Mine.jpg Yours, Mine and Mine SpongeBob and Patrick buy a Krusty Krab toy and have to learn to share it. Yours-mine-and-mine.jpg
Kracked-Krabs.jpg Kracked Krabs Mr. Krabs gets nominated for the "Cheapest Krab Alive" award. 132b.jpg
133a.jpg The Curse of Bikini Bottom After SpongeBob and Patrick anger and then even cut off the Flying Dutchman's beard with a lawn mower, he curses them and turns them into ghosts. Curse.jpg
Squidward-in-Clarinetland-2.jpg Squidward in Clarinetland Squidward must chase SpongeBob to get his clarinet back, only to find out that he is in another world. Squidward-in-Clarinetland.jpg
Last stand-1.JPG SpongeBob's Last Stand When SpongeBob and Patrick hear that a new highway will be running through Jellyfish Fields, they decide to protest. Last-Stand2.jpg
Back-to-the-Past.jpg Back to the Past SpongeBob and Patrick mess up with time and get sent to a different Bikini Bottom, where Man Ray rules! 99px
The-Bad-Guy-Club-for-Villains.jpg The Bad Guy Club for Villains SpongeBob and Patrick watch Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy square off against evildoers. The-bad-guy-club.jpg
A-Day-Without-Tears.jpg A Day Without Tears SpongeBob tries not to cry for a whole day. A-day-without-Tears1.jpg
Summer Job.jpg Summer Job To pay off the damage she caused, Mrs. Puff works with SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab. Summer-job1.jpg
One coarse meallogo.jpg One Coarse Meal Mr. Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales. One-Coarse-Meal.jpg
Gary-In-Love.jpg Gary in Love Gary falls in love with a snail called Mary. Gary-in-Love.jpg
The-Play's-The-Thing.jpg The Play's the Thing Squidward gets an invitation to be in a play. The-Play's-The-Thing1.jpg
Rodeo-Daze.jpg Rodeo Daze SpongeBob brings his friends to Texas to try and save Sandy from a rodeo. Rodeo-daze1.jpg
300px-GSR.jpg Gramma's Secret Recipe Plankton pretends to be SpongeBob's grandma. Gramma's Secret Recipe.JPG
CentCard.jpg The Cent of Money Mr. Krabs uses Gary to find money. Cent-of-Money.jpg
140a.png The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom Patrick finds he has lots in common with a monster that invades Bikini Bottom. Giant Monster.jpg
Titlecard Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle.png Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle SpongeBob and his pals try to find a way out of the Bikini Bottom Triangle. Bikini Bottom Triangle.jpg
142b.png The Curse of the Hex An old hag puts a curse on the Krusty Krab. The Curse of the Hex Pic.jpg
Titlecard The Main Drain.png The Main Drain When SpongeBob and Patrick hear the story of The Main Drain, they try looking for it. It gets hard when everyone keeps getting in their way. The Main Drain Pic.jpg
Titlecard Trench Billies.png Trench Billies SpongeBob and Patrick get stuck in a trench inhabited by hillbillies. Trenchbillies Pic.jpg
142a.png Sponge-Cano! A volcano eruption brings an ancient warrior to Bikini Bottom with dire predictions. Sponge-Cano Pic.jpg
Greatpattycaper.JPG The Great Patty Caper When Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob the only key to the vault holding the Krabby Patty's secret recipe, SpongeBob vows to guard it. But as soon as SpongeBob and Patrick board the train to retrieve the recipe, the key is mysteriously missing. Who could have stolen the key? Was it the sneaky Plankton? Or was it the "butler"? SpongeBob and krabs.jpg
Titlecard That Sinking Feeling.jpg That Sinking Feeling SpongeBob and Patrick connect their houses via a tunnel, getting Squidward annoyed. Drilling.jpg
Titlecard Karate Star.jpg Karate Star Patrick's new karate moves cause mayhem in Bikini Bottom. 144b Gary.jpg
Buried in Time.jpg Buried in Time SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward accidentally get locked in Bikini Bottom's first time capsule. 145a.jpg
Titlecard Enchanted Tiki Dreams.jpg Enchanted Tiki Dreams Thanks to SpongeBob and Patrick, Squidward gets to live in the world of his dreams! 145b SpongeBob-Squidward.jpg
Theabrasiveside.jpg The Abrasive Side SpongeBob buys a product which shows his abrasive side. The abrasive side clip 1.jpg
Earworm.jpg Earworm SpongeBob gets an earworm. He can't stop singing a "Doodle"! Sponge-bob-ear-worm-clip-1.jpg
Hide and Then What Happens .jpg Hide and Then What Happens? SpongeBob and Patrick play hide and seek, and SpongeBob searches the world for Patrick. 147a-2.jpg
Titlecard-Shellback Shenanigans.jpg Shellback Shenanigans Plankton disguises himself as Gary so SpongeBob can take him to the Krusty Krab on "Take Your Pet to Work Day", in another attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula. Shellback Shenanigans Pic.jpg
The Masterpiece.jpg The Masterpiece Squidward sculpts a statue of Mr. Krabs for the Krusty Krab. The Masterpiece Pic.jpg
Whelk Attack.jpg Whelk Attack Giant sea whelks terrorize the folks of Bikini Bottom. Whelk Attack Pic.jpg
147a.jpg You Don't Know Sponge SpongeBob and Patrick take a quiz about each other... with unexpected results. You Don't Know Sponge.jpg
Titlecard-Tunnel of Glove.jpg Tunnel of Glove SpongeBob and Pearl get stuck in the "Tunnel of Glove", a romantic river ride at Glove World. 149b.jpg
Krustydogs.jpg Krusty Dogs SpongeBob invents the "Krusty Dog". Weiner.jpg
Titlecard-The Wreck of the Mauna Loa.jpg The Wreck of the Mauna Loa SpongeBob and Patrick find a lost ship. Mauna Loa.jpg
New fish in town.jpg New Fish in Town Patrick sells his backyard and a new neighbour moves into Patrick's yard. He then befriends Squidward. 180px-Howard.png
151b.jpg Love That Squid Squidward falls in love. Now SpongeBob has to give him tips on how to act. 290px-Squilvia.jpg
Big sister sam.jpg Big Sister Sam Patrick's older, long lost sister Sam comes for a visit, with disastrous consequences... 152a Sam.jpg
152b Perfect Chemistry.jpg Perfect Chemistry Sandy works with Plankton to build an invention, while Plankton's actual plan is to steal the Krabby Patty formula with the invention. 152b Invention.jpg
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