Grandpappy the Pirate (Episode)

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Grandpappy the Pirate
Episode No.: 115a
Airdate: Feburary 18, 2009
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Ditchin'
Next Episode: Cephalopod Lodge

"Grandpappy the Pirate" is an episode from Season 6.






Mr.Krabs gets a letter from his pirate Grandpa Redbeard. It says he is coming to town. Mr Krabs isn't excited because his grandpa thinks Mr.Krabs is a pirate too. Mr Krabs says to SpongeBob that he comes from a whole family of pirates, and that he was a pirate once but quit because his crew took all the money. SpongeBob suggests making the krusty krab into a pirate ship. Mr.Krabs likes the idea and hires Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob as an imatation crew. When they're done Grandpa Redbeard shows up, and is happy with Mr.Krabs. Mr.Krabs uses fake water and fake creatures and a record player (For wind) to make it look like they're sailing. Grandpa Redbeard sees Pearl and thinks she's attacking the ship. Grandpa Redbeard attempts to shoot Pearl but Mr. Krabs pretends to stop it. Pearl goes home and Grandpa Redbeard finds out the entire thing is a lie. He makes Mr Krabs say the Pirate code "A pirate never lies". Mr Krabs admits the truth and turns the ship back to The Krusty Krab. However Grandpa Redbeard is happy about what Mr Krabs did to it. Mr Krabs waves goodbye to Grandpa Redbeard as he leaves with all of Mr Krabs money and laughs. Mr Krabs then says "I knew i got me talent from someone."


  • If pirates couldn't lie, and Mr. Krabs was not a pirate, (He only was in the past) then Mr. Krabs could lie.
  • Mr. Krabs says he never was a pirate, however, in Arrgh! he was a pirate.
  • Near the end of the episode, when Mr. Krabs puts his cashier station, we clearly see the "Gally Grub" menu without obstruction. In the next scene, Mr. Krabs pulls a large piece of cloth off of the menu, uncovering it.
  • In this episode, the Krusty Krab used to be a pirate ship, but in Krusty Krab Training Video, it used to be a retirement home.
    • If Grandpa Redbeard was old in the flashbacks, how is he still the same many years later?
  • If Grandpa Redbeard swung his way to the Krusty Krab ship, what was the rope connected to?
  • The German title is called, "Piratenopa", which means "Pirate Granddad".
  • When we first see Mr. Krabs as a baby in this episode, he has no nose but, when Grandpa Redbeard is figthing skeletons, he has his nose back.
  • Grandpa Redbeard fighting skeltons in the flashback is just what Mr. Krabs did in One Krab's Trash.
  • Where does the stick from the Krusty Krab sign come from? It is not seen on the pirate ship.
  • Dennis Quaid guest stars as the voice of Grandpa Redbeard
  • Mr. Krabs has lied alot of times before this episode. An example of this is in Bossy Boots and Nasty Patty.


Transcript for Grandpappy the Pirate

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