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Patrick's Inflatable Pants

Patrick's Inflatable Pants are a pair of pants that appeared in the episode Patty Hype.

[edit] Features

They look just like the pants that Patrick usually wears except that they're inflatable. Patrick only owns two pairs of them. He wears the first pair when SpongeBob storms over and they exchange their ideas. They inflate with a handle on the back and make Patrick float upside down, then they spontaneously overinflate once SpongeBob finishes explaining his idea for Pretty Patties, exploding into nothingness with a newly naked Patrick exclaiming "Forget my dumb idea, that's great!". Then he wears a second pair for the rest of the episode, and while this one has no visible handle, they accidentally inflate while Patrick was digging in SpongeBob for ideas, this pair however survives due to the air being pressed out of them as Patrick forced his way out of a hole, as making them explode in that situation would be an especially bad idea. If the true method of the pants' capability of such an instantaneous destruction was in fact a telepathically-activated self destruct system, then this may just be the most technologically advanced object in the entire series.

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