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Nick Fridays has been active since 2001.


[edit] Episodes

[edit] 1999

[edit] September

September 17: Sandy's Rocket, Squeaky Boots

[edit] December

December 31: SB-129, Karate Choppers

[edit] 2001

[edit] September

September 7: The Secret Box, Band Geeks Septenber 14: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, Squirrel Jokes September 21: Sailor Mouth, Artist Unknown September 28: Jellyfish Hunter, The Fry Cook Games

[edit] October

October 5: Just One Bite, The Bully October 12: Squid on Strike, Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm October 19: Procrastination, I'm With Stupid

[edit] 2002

[edit] February

see Friday Night Party with the Nicktoons

[edit] March

see Friday Night Party with the Nicktoons

[edit] May

see Friday Night Party with the Nicktoons

[edit] July

July 12: Club SpongeBob, My Pretty Seahorse

[edit] September

September 6: Graveyard Shift, Krusty Love September 20: New Student Starfish, Clams

[edit] 2003

[edit] January

January 24: Great Snail Race, Mid-Life Crustacean

[edit] 2004

[edit] March

March 5: Ugh

[edit] 2015

[edit] September

September 18: Pull up a Barrel September 25: Company Picnic

[edit] October

October 2: What's Eating Patrick October 16: Sanctuary!

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