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The title card to the shorts

Random Acts of SpongeBob were a series of shorts that aired exclusively during The Best Day Ever Marathon. They can now be seen on the Season 4, Volume 2 DVD Box Set. There were five of them, and featured SpongeBob doing good deeds.


[edit] Characters

  • SpongeBob (all shorts)
  • Patrick ("Pie")
  • Squidward ("Me Money" and "Pie")
  • Mr. Krabs ("Me Money")
  • Sandy ("Surprise Sandy Day")
  • Old Lady ("SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants")
  • Tom ("SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants")
  • Fred ("SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants")

[edit] Shorts

  • "SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants" a.k.a. Crossing the Street: SpongeBob helps an old lady across the street, not knowing that she was about to take the bus.
  • "Anything for Baby": SpongeBob attempts to cheer a baby up.
  • "Surprise Sandy Day a.k.a. "Flowers for Sandy": SpongeBob gives Sandy some flowers due to a day he made especially for her.
  • "Me Money": Mr. Krabs' money is gone, and it turns out that SpongeBob took them to clean them up.
  • "Pie": Patrick helps SpongeBob bake a cake.

[edit] Trivia

  • Coincidentally, SpongeBob does random acts in the Best Day Ever episode. The only difference is that they happened accidentally.

[edit] Transcripts

Transcript: "Surprise Sandy Day"

Transcript: "SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants"

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