The Jellyfish Kid (Episode)

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The Jellyfish Kid

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Episode No.: Kamp Koral 1
Season: Kamp Koral 1
Airdate: March 4, 2021 (Paramount+), September 10, 2021 (Nickelodeon)
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: Sugar Squeeze
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Eugene H. Krabs Clancy Brown
Mrs. Puff Mary Jo Catlett
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The Jellyfish Kid is the first episode of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years.


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The series premiere starts with the jellyfish flying through the sky. SpongeBob tries catching the jellyfish, and eventually catches one, with a sign saying "First catch" on the net. As the jellyfish in SpongeBob's net claps, it turns out to be a dream, and he actually has his alarm clock in his net instead of a jellyfish. He implies that it was an occurrent dream, but today he will make it come true as he circles the calendar day that says, "Jellyfishing today!" He pulls his underwear up to reveal his clothes, clenches his head to get his hat out, and jumps down to put on his shoes. SpongeBob tells both Patrick and Sandy that it is jellyfishing day.

And while he still sleeps, SpongeBob takes counselor Squidward out, and says that the jellyfishing badge will be his while doing so. He goes past the entrance to Kamp Koral, collects a metal cover from a trash can, then stops, takes out a clarinet, and scares Squidward and the campers awake by blowing into his clarinet. When Squidward gets hit by Pearl's bottle, SpongeBob tells him it is the first day of jellyfishing season. While Larry lectures kids in exercising, SpongeBob tells him facts about jellyfish, and when he tells him jellyfish can lift more than their weight, Larry says that he is stronger than a jellyfish and gets the kids to get on his back, but he can only do two push-ups before giving up. As Bubble Bass is giving showers to everyone, SpongeBob tells him that jellyfish are older than dinosaurs, and SpongeBob fills up with water until he lets it out. As Plankton serves slop to the kids, Sandy asks what it is, but he cannot tell her because he cannot use that language. When he serves SpongeBob his slop, SpongeBob is very happy because he will catch his first jellyfish.

The campers get ready for jellyfishing at Jelly Meadow. Sandy comments on how great SpongeBob's net is, and he says it blows bubbles as he blows a jellyfish-shaped bubble and tries to catch it, with Sandy saying it is as handy "as a hip pocket on a hog." As the rest of the campers join them, counselor Squidward comes and tries to tell them that it is the first day of jellyfishing season, but SpongeBob hyperactively says it, while jumping in place. Before Squidward can blow his whistle, SpongeBob just runs to the meadow, then returns, and Squidward asks him if he needs to use the outhouse. He says no, but Patrick says that he does, so Squidward lets him, but SpongeBob is biting his net anxiously. When Patrick returns, Squidward asks if everyone is ready, and SpongeBob leaps in the air and says that he is ready, but Patrick says that he left his net in the bathroom, and goes, while SpongeBob grabs Sandy's net anxiously. After a while, Patrick comes back, and forgets what they are doing, so Squidward tells him about his net, but Patrick says that he already has one. Right when Squidward is going to blow the whistle, Patrick says that he left the stove on, but SpongeBob tells him there is no stove, so Patrick asks what the holdup is. So Squidward turns bright red and is about to blow the whistle, and SpongeBob gets ready to run, Squidward gets his mouth ready to blow, and before he could blow, an announcement was made, indicating SpongeBob's mom is calling him.

SpongeBob feels sad, but cannot choose between his mother and the jellyfish, so Squidward turns him around and says the phone, so SpongeBob goes to camp counselor Krabs' office. He opens the door running, but trips on Pearl's bottle, gets stuck on the ceiling fan, gets hit and extends Krabs' file cabinet all the way to Jelly Meadow, but the cabinet retracts, and lands in the middle of Krabs' desk, but when he stands up, he blows the paperwork away. When he finishes, Krabs yells at him to answer the phone, After his mother talks to him a little, he asks why she called, but she cannot remember why, which makes him yell. As he spots a jellyfish, he attempts to talk to his mom, while catching the jellyfish. As Perch Perkins narrates what he is doing, SpongeBob goes through Mrs. Puff's canoeing class, then lands in Jelly Meadow, still trying to catch the jellyfish. As he goes, the telephone cord ties around the place, and his mother asks if he finally caught a jellyfish yet, but he notices the kids caught in the telephone cord. As he lets go of the phone, the kids that got tied with the cord go with it.

As he tries to catch jellyfish in the meadow, he catches other stuff, including a volleyball, Plankton's college fund, and a toaster. While Patrick gets a piece of toast, and a jellyfish, Patrick tries to help SpongeBob by holding his jellyfish. He tries catching it, but it is too far, so Patrick tells him to stand closer, bend his knees, take a deep breath, blow his nose, squint his eyes, and put his jelly face on. However, SpongeBob still cannot get a jellyfish, so Patrick puts it in for him, but it was now over him instead of in the net. After SpongeBob says he is the worst jellyfisher ever, Patrick tries to comfort him. After he leaves, he goes past the other campers who caught jellyfish. While one follows him, and after he tries to catch it, SpongeBob catches Squidward's head, and folds his chair with him still in it, and asks him for advice. Squidward tells him to go into the cave for jellyfish, but it was actually a hive of jellyfish, and when he returned, the jellyfish went after Squidward.

When it is nearly nighttime, SpongeBob sees all the campers that have caught a jellyfish, and Sandy notices this and wants to do something. The next morning, they paint Squidward pink, put him in a bowl, and convince him to act like a jellyfish. They dangled him from a fish line, and made him dance like a jelly to let SpongeBob catch it. Patrick tells SpongeBob that there is a "big, ugly jellyfish." After they find it, SpongeBob tries to catch it, but the line breaks, and Squidward goes out of control. When he lands, SpongeBob is about to catch him when a big eye opens, and a rock-like monster eats Squidward. SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy chase the monster all the way to the camp, and SpongeBob tries to talk to the monster afterwards, but it eats him. After landing in the monster's stomach, SpongeBob finds Squidward, and he blew a bubble that expanded so much that it contains SpongeBob and Squidward. Everyone clapped, until the bubble popped and the soap went into their eyes. The monster leaves when Sandy offers some of Plankton's slop.

When Squidward gets out of the bowl, Patrick puts it back on him and says that SpongeBob caught his first jellyfish, but Mr. Krabs says that since fake jellyfish do not count, he does not get his jellyfishing badge, although SpongeBob does get the "saving a counselor from a monster" badge. At nighttime, Squidward tries to remove the bowl again, when a jellyfish romantically brings him a flower, with the jellyfish thinking it is another. When Squidward manages to get the bowl off, the jellyfish gets surprised and it files away in tears. Sandy asks why there is a "saving a counselor from a monster" badge and if it is often. SpongeBob says that he will catch a jellyfish one day, and when he does, he will release it, and while he says that, dozens of jellyfish come out of his back, and his friends are amazed, while the jellyfish fly away, ending the episode.

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Transcript for The Jellyfish Kid

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