Episode Transcript: Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

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Episode Article: Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

Starts out as a normal day (Squidward goes out smiling, Sighs)

Squidward: Another beautiful Sunday in Bikini bottom, Nothing can ruin my good mood today!

(SpongeBob looking out the window)

SpongeBob: Good morning Squidward!

(Squidward Walks by)

Squidward: Ignoring, ignoring!

(Cha Chas down the street, Trips on gum.)

Squidward: Chewing Gum!? That's Disgusting!

(Tries to pull the gum off his feet, his hand get stuck, Tries pulling with other hand, gets stuck too, Then he tries to use both, but his head gets stuck. Then tries to use full force and gets stuck even more. Tries blowing it, but it explodes and he turns into a bubble gum covered Squidward. Tries again and turns it into a ribbon, gets it off.)

Squidward: People who litter really bugs me! (chucks it) Litterbugs (laughing) Litterbugs!

(gum ends up in front of an officer, Picks it up, squeezes it, smells it, chews it, and blows a bubble.)

Officer: Litter!.... Ah Ha!

Squidward: (continues laughing) Bugs. litter.. litter.. bugs

Officer: Hey you! Did you throw this gum away?

Squidward: Yes I did, and I like to complain.

Officer: Ah.. So you admit that you are a litterbug?

Squidward: What? No! no no, I just stepped in it!

Officer: Oh you did buddy? You disgust me . . . (Puts gum in Squidward's mouth. He writes a ticket, tears) The sentence for treating the world as your own trash can is community service!

Squidward: Bikini Bottom P.D Ticket for littering. Penalty: COMMUNITY SERVICE!?

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