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(SpongeBob is sleeping, and his alarm clock wakes him up. He struggles to turn it off, yawns then gets out of bed, puts his pants on, then walks into the kitchen to get food for Gary. He accidentally trips because of the heavy bag of food, and there's a big pile of food on top of Gary's bowl)

SpongeBob: Gary, come and get it! (Gary doesn't come to get the food. Outside SpongeBob's pineapple, the wind is blowing and it looks like no one is in Bikini Bottom) Gary? Gary? Gary Gary? Gary? (SpongeBob looks in the living room, at the top of the stair case, out of a door at the bottom of the staircase, under his bed, and in the toilet. SpongeBob then walks back into the kitchen.) Gary must have gotten an early start. (walks away. cuts to outside where SpongeBob is walking up to Squidward's house with a megaphone) Rise and shine Squidward, You don't want to be late again. (silence) Okay, see you at the Krusty Krab. (now talking to himself) I guess Squidward needs his beauty sleep. Not everyone is blessed with my natural good looks. (scene cuts to Patrick's house. SpongeBob knocks on it) Patrick, it's morning! You don't want to forget to wake up again. (silence again) Patrick? Okay, see you after work, sleepy head. (cuts to scene of SpongeBob walking on the street whistling, where nobody else is. SpongeBob hops over a boat that's in the middle of the road then walks in the Krusty Krab, and stares out the order window. The sun is setting. SpongeBob looks at his watch) Slow day. Good night Squidward. Good night Mr. Krabs. (door opens, revealing that Mr. Krabs is not in there. Scene then cuts back to SpongeBob's house) Gary, I'm home! Gary? You here buddy? (walks into the kitchen, realizing that the big pile of food is still there) Gary? (gasps) He hasn't touched his food! (runs over to Squidward's house screaming, and then knocks on the door) Squidward! Open up! (door opens by itself) Squidward, Have you seen Gary? he's gone missing! (no answer) Squidward? There's no sign of Squidward anywhere. Squidward? (walks upstairs) You up here? Hmm, Squidward's clarinet. (puts the clarinet in his mouth a few times) It's not even worn. Squidward's gone too! (runs over to Patrick's house) Patrick, open up! Squidward and Gary are missing! (lifts up rock, revealing that there's nobody there) Patrick's gone too! What if everybody's gone?! (cuts to the Krusty Krab) Mr. Krabs! (gasp) He's gone too! (cuts to Sandy's house) Sandy! She's gone too (cuts to SpongeBob walking out of 5 building's, saying "Gone" each time he exit's one. He then runs forward on the street) Where did everybody go?! (we look around Bikini Bottom, then we see the whole city, where SpongeBob is doing the echo effect on a cliff) Go! Go! Go! Go! Everybody's gone! But I swear, I will keep the memory of Bikini Bottom alive, by living out there lives for them. (cuts to next day, where SpongeBob is blowing a bubble of himself, then play's a record of him laughing. He then runs into Squidward's house and takes the form of Squidward and imitating him)

SpongeBob: (As Squidward) SpongeBob, will you be quiet? You're disrupting my genius. (play's Squidward's clarinet. Cut's to the Krusty Krab)

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, can I have a raise? (SpongeBob then sits in Mr. Krabs's chair and takes the form of Mr. Krabs and imitates him)

SpongeBob: (As Mr. Krabs) No! Now get to work!

SpongeBob: Yes sir, Mr. Krabs sir!

SpongeBob: (As Old Man Jenkins) Excuse me sonny, may I have a Krabby Patty deluxe please?

SpongeBob: Right away, sir! I mean...

SpongeBob: (As Squidward) ...whatever. Hey SpongeBob, we got an order for a Krabby Patty Deluxe. Heaven knows why. (giggles, then moves a box that looks like him)

SpongeBob: Coming up, Squidward! (cuts to SpongeBob at Patrick's house where he looks like him and is sleeping. Scene then cut's to Sandy's house) Excuse me Sandy, but may I have some more of this delicious iced tea?

SpongeBob: (As Sandy) Why sure! Whoops, just a second. (grows a tail) Why sure now SpongeBob. (cuts to Mrs. Puff's boating school)

SpongeBob: (As Mrs. Puff) Good morning class. Can anyone tell me the first thing you do when riding a boat?

SpongeBob: Ahem, floor it?

SpongeBob: That's right you floor it. Excellent works SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Why thank you Mrs.... (begins to cry) Pu... Pu... Puff! (starts to cry) This is pointless! I'm not Mrs. Puff! I can't replace everyone! I'll never be happy again! (notices blank driver's license on the desk) Ooh, my driver's license. (cuts to SpongeBob, taking a picture of him to put in the license.) That's the baby. (he then walks up to a boat) Hi fella, it's me. (boat drives away. SpongeBob then pulls it back up) It's okay, I'm licensed. (SpongeBob gets in the boat and start's driving it, causing destruction on Bikini Bottom. He then falls asleep, and drives into Patrick's house, causing it to skid up, missing Squidward's house, and then crashes into the second story of SpongeBob house) Good night, Boaty. (is then having nightmares, and is talking in his sleep) No! No! (wakes up and screams) No! Oh Gary, I had a nightmare that all my friend's were gone! And I was driving a... (screams, 'cause he notices that boaty is right next to him in bed) So it was true. Well I guess it's just you and me now boaty. (scene cuts to him and boaty taking a shower, then eating cereal, then crashing out of the pineapple riding it, then jellyfishing, then at the goo lagoon, then on the sea-saw, then driving into the Krusty Krab) This is where I work. Do you want to help me cook up some Krabby Patties? Great! (SpongeBob put's a box of Krabby Patties under boaty's tire, then moving it to get the patties on the grill) Back when everyone was around, they used to enjoy these. Here, try one. (throws a Krabby Patty under his hood, it then splatter's everywhere) What? You don't like Krabby Patties? Huh! Well I guess we can still make this work. (scene cuts to SpongeBob driving boaty into the pineapple) Whew. Boy, we learned a lot about each other today. You Know? I thought I'd go crazy without all my friend's and acquaintances around, but it looks like you were all I needed to stay sane! (boaty rumbles) What? A puppet of my old best friend? (boaty rumbles again) Made entirely out of Krabby Patty Meat? (laughs) Oh Boaty, you are a card. (SpongeBob walks into a closet, where he is talking to the puppet Boaty was talking about earlier) Sorry I'm late Patrick. Boaty was telling me a joke. (SpongeBob sticks his hand in there and starts talking for him.

Krabby Patty Patrick: You're awfully chummy with that guy for someone who has it out for you.

SpongeBob: Who, Boaty? (giggles) Oh no he's... Really?

Krabby Patty Patrick: I can't talk now. He's watching us.

SpongeBob: Wait, Patrick! Don't go! (notices Boaty is staring at him) Huh? Nothing, Boaty! I... I'm just going to bed.

Narrator: Three days later.

SpongeBob: (writing in his diary) Dear Diary: Not sure if I can trust any vehicle. Run for it as soon as the coast is clear. (SpongeBob looks out of the plant he's hiding in, seeing there's no one there. Walks into a closet, where Boaty comes in. SpongeBob screams and bursts through the wall of his house) AHHHH! (Runs into another boat) AHHHH! (Runs into a boat rental) AHHHHH! (Runs inside The Reef theater. Cut to inside one of the theater rooms. SpongeBob looks around to make sure there is no Boaty. He pulls up some popcorn and a drink and turns to the screen. A movie about vehicles is being shown) AHHHHHH! (SpongeBob runs out of the theater. He grabs an axe and looks for Boaty. He sees a bus coming toward him. SpongeBob strikes at it with his axe. The bus stops, and Mr. Krabs and everyone in Bikini Bottom comes out) Huh?

Mr. Krabs: Sheesh. Calm down, boy.

SpongeBob: You're all still alive? Well, where did you go?

Mr. Krabs: It was National No SpongeBob Day.

SpongeBob: National No SpongeBob Day?

Mr. Krabs: A whole day dedicated to getting away from you.

SpongeBob: A day? But you guys have been gone for weeks.

Mr. Krabs: Uhh... Yeah Well...we kinda melted a little.

SpongeBob: (Patrick comes out of the bus. He has a t-shirt with SpongeBob crossed out on it. SpongeBob sees this) You too, Patrick?

Patrick: Yeah. Everyone needs at least one day away from...(imitates SpongeBob's laugh)

SpongeBob: (sadly) I'm... glad you had fun. (sobs)

Mr. Krabs: Aww, cheer up, boy. It's a whole day inspired by you.

SpongeBob: Really?

Mr. Krabs: Of course. (Cut to a scene of everyone in Bikini Bottom except SpongeBob around a SpongeBob made of wood) First we build a giant wooden effigy of you, then we burn it to the ground. (The citizens burn it) Whoo-hoo!! Burn, baby! (Cut to everyone dancing on the ashes of the effigy) And dance on the ashes like there was no tomorrow.

(Cut back to the present time)

SpongeBob: Wow. A whole day dedicated to me. (Blushes)

Patrick: Big deal. Wait 'till you see "No Patrick Day"? Come on, everyone. Let's go!(Everyone gets on the bus. SpongeBob knocks Patrick off when he tries to get on. Patrick immediately forgets what happened) Where'd everybody go? Hello? Hello? (Looks around)

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