Episode Transcript: Gullible Pants

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(Mr. Krabs is in his office counting his money)

Mr. Krabs: Four hundred and fifty-one, four hundred and fifty-two, four hundred and fifty three, four hundred and fifty four, four hundred and fifty five, four hundred and fifty si- (hurts himself) Ow! No! (sucks claw) Ooh. (close up on Mr. Krabs' nail) I split me nail. Oh, that looks terrible. (dials number) Hello? It's an emergency! No, I haven't been biting them! (frusturated) No! Can you just schedule me in? (shocked) Now? A manicure right in the middle of the day? (whispers) But what if the guys see me? (stops whispering) Yes, I want my nails to look their best. Be right there. (takes secret underground passage to the front door) (bumps into SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Ahoy, sir. Where are you going?

Mr. Krabs: Uh. Heh heh. It's a-it's a secret.

SpongeBob: (shocked) You have a secret?

Mr. Krabs: Everybody has a secret, SpongeBob, and mine's gonna take 15 minutes. (looks at his nail) Maybe 20 if she can spruce up my cubicles. (notices SpongeBob is listening) (puts his hands behind his back)

SpongeBob: Aye-aye, sir. And who will be "in charge" while you're gone.

Mr. Krabs: Eh, (looks over at Squidward) well, not Squidward. (looks at a customer) No, no, him. (looks at another customer) Too lumpy. (looks at SpongeBob, who shines) Okay, okay, you're in charge.

SpongeBob: What?

Mr. Krabs: You're in charge for the next 15 minutes.

SpongeBob: I'm...in charge?

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, sure, why not? (SpongeBob starts shaking) You okay, boy?

SpongeBob: (flies around, leaving a rainbow trail behind) Yahow! (lands and salutes) I won't let you down, sir.

Mr. Krabs: What a sheesh. I'll be back in 15 minutes (leaves) (Squidward is sleeping and SpongeBob wakes him up)

SpongeBob: Naptime's over, Squidward. Now what do you say we work real hard until Mr. Krabs comes back?

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