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No Nose Knows Plankton's Regular

Episode Article: Patty Caper

[edit] Characters

Template:Transcript-cleanup Template:EpisodeTr/143 *(at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob walks into the freezer and screams) *Mr. Krabs: What is it, boy? (SpongeBob babbles indistinctly) SpongeBob? (takes a pump) There, there, kid, what's the big deal? *SpongeBob: M-M-Mr. Krabs, we're all out of Krabby Patties, sir! (points to empty box) *Mr. Krabs: That's nothing to fuss over, boy. We'll just whip up a new batch, like we did in the old days.(cut to Mr.Krab's office) I know this process like the back of me claw. We always start with flour. (pours flour into cauldron) Next we add barnacle shavings. It's like ridin' a boat-cycle, ain't it, boy? (drops barnacle shavings in cauldron) *SpongeBob: You never forget, bossman. *Mr. Krabs: What do you say we do the next one together, eh? Sea salt! (holding a bottle of sea salt in his claw) *SpongeBob: Turmeric! (holding a bottle of turmeric in his hand) *Mr. Krabs: What are you on about, boy? The third step's always sea salt. *SpongeBob: That's funny, I remember turmeric third. And doesn't the recipe call for land salt? *Mr. Krabs: It's sea salt. And don't you remember SCABS? *SpongeBob: SCABS, sir? *Mr. Krabs: Yeah, SCABS, you know, Salt Comes After Barnacle Shavings. Or was it LESIONS? Oh, wait, no, that doesn't sound right either. *SpongeBob: Was it PUSTULE? *Mr. Krabs: Heavens, no. That's disgusting. Alright, tell you what, why don't I just go fetch the formula and we'll settle this once and for all. (humming as he opens the safe. When he does, Plankton flies out on a rocket and holding the secret formula) *Plankton: (laughs) No need to wonder about this. I got your formula. (laughs) Yee-haw! *Mr. Krabs: (stops Plankton by using a magnet to att

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