Chum Fricassee (Episode)

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Chum Fricassee

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Episode No.: 176b
Season: 8/2011
Airdate: October 21, 2012
Previous Episode: Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!
Next Episode: The Good Krabby Name
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Chum Fricassee PIC.jpg

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Chum Fricassee is an episode from Season 8.


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Squidward quits his job at the Krusty Krab and turns the Chum Bucket into a success with his new recipe, "Chum Fricassee".

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

In airing order, this is the last new episode to air in Standard Definition; however, Hello Bikini Bottom was the final episode in production order to be in SD.

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