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Her house.

Mrs. Puff's House is a big house in which Mrs. Puff lives in. The known rooms in her house are a kitchen and a living room. It is located in Conch Street.


[edit] Rooms

[edit] Kitchen

In the Kitchen it is fairly modern, with nice tables and chairs, and very good bench tops. There is a fridge with a note on it, and there is also a small toaster. The floor is chequred and under the bench tops there are cupboards for storing things! There is also a vase and a light hanging from the top of the blue wall. There is also windows and curtains.

[edit] Exterior

The exterior of the house is also good, as it is pink with three foghorns coming out of the sides. Surrounding the house area are white pitch fences.
The Kitchen
Also around the house area is a nice tree and lush green grass. There are also bits of yellow on her house and there still is the average door and a window.

[edit] Living Room

Just like the outside, the walls are pink and there are things like paintings on the wall. There is a TV, a plant hanging from the bottom of the wall, what looks of a fountain and there is also a window. a look of a bookcase is also thee and you can also see other random things there like a table with a flower. There is also a painting that changes with every scene in the living room (shocked in No Free Rides and exhausted in Bumper to Bumper) at the exact moment something happens (Mrs. Puff comes in the door in No Free Rides and sits down, exhausted, in Bumper to Bumper.

[edit] Bedroom

In the bedroom is a picture of her late husband and her bed is a queen sized bed that Mrs. Puff sleeps. She has a circle window and she has a bathroom inside of the bedroom. See image below (the right one).

[edit] Episodes it appeared in

  • No Free Rides: In this episode, the house is shown for a short time where SpongeBob, Mother SquarePants and Father SquarePants surprise Mrs. Puff and give SpongeBob a car, causing destruction.
    Other parts of the Living Room
  • Krusty Love: Only the outside of the house is shown with Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs tries to impress Mrs. Puff by buying her gifts.
  • Pranks a Lot: In this episode you see the whole kitchen. Mrs. Puff is eating her favorite kind of cake until SpongeBob and Patrick scare her and she destroys the chair and table and finally landing on the table that she destroyed.
  • Pet or Pests: You can see the outside of Mrs. Puffs house when SpongeBob goes there, to see if she wanted some of the worms.
  • Growth Spout: Her house is completely surrounded by a fence. It is revealed that Mrs. Puff keeps a garden in her front yard. The garden is full of peanut plants, but they are actually living creatures! See more about the garden here. See image below (the left one).

[edit] Destruction

  • Dying for Pie: Possibly destroyed in the explosion during the end of the episode.
  • Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: Most likely crushed when worm fell down at the end of the episode.
  • Pet or Pests: After Mrs. Puff gets scared by the baby worms, she bloats up, getting stuck in the doorway; the house then explodes.
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