Karate Star (Episode)

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Karate Star
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Episode No.: 144b
Season: 7
Airdate: 9 July 2010
Previous Episode: That Sinking Feeling
Next Episode: Buried in Time
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

Karate Star is an episode from season 7.






SpongeBob uses his karate skills to make food when Patrick comes in to ask for a bucket full of cheese. Then, when he sees SponbgeBob doing karate, he wants to learn it, too. SpongeBob teaches Patrick the techniques of karate, but after several tries, SpongeBob tells him that he will never be successful. Angered, Patrick unwittingly chops a cinder block and SpongeBob is impressed. He is even more impressed when Patrick chops down an abandoned boat. SpongeBob tells Patrick that he's mastered karate, but warns him never to harm anyone with his new skill. Later, Patrick puts his chopping skills to the test, but takes it a little too far by unawaringly chopping everything it sees: buildings, an arcade machine, and even in front of an ice cream vendor. SpongeBob tries to stop Patrick from causing mayhem, but his arm seems to have a mind of its own. When Patrick destroys the Barg'n Mart, he blames his arm for crushing his best friend and rips it off. When SpongeBob finally comes to, he is shocked to find his friend's arm missing, but it regenerates back. Patrick then puts the Barg'n Mart back together when another Patrick comes in a karate chops a shopping cart. Patrick says that arms can regenerate bodies. After that, the Barg'n Mart collapses.


  • The title is a reference to the film The Karate Kid.
  • In a promo for this episode and others, the announcer says that SpongeBob and Patrick will become enemies in this episode, but they don't.
  • This is the third time Patrick has a clone. The first time was in Spy Buddies. The second time was in Back to the Past.
  • Second time Patrick's regeneration abilities are seen/mentioned. First time was The Pink Purloiner.
  • This is the first and only karate-themed episode not to feature Sandy.
  • The Bikini Bottom Arcade was seen instead of the Fun Arcade, which was seen in the episode The Cent of Money.
  • This is the second time an arcade was seen. The first was The Cent of Money.
  • This is the first time karate has been shown since BlackJack.
  • In this episode, Patrick can smell the spinach and spaghetti with chocolate. Patrick doesn't have a nose. This is a reference to No Nose Knows.
  • This is the second appearance of the anchorman who isn't Perch Perkins. The first was in A Day Without Tears.
  • One point SpongeBob says to Patrick that Patrick is unteachable at karate. This is ironic since SpongeBob is unteachable at riding a boat.


Transcript for Karate Star

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