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Episode Article: The Inside Job

[edit] Characters

[edit] Locations

[edit] Dialogue

(Plankton is watching a hamster on a hamster wheel on Karen)

Plankton: (heavy sigh) THAT'S the life. (changes the channel screen turns to two dinosaurs fighting, then plays a video game of Pac-Man, but it turns back to Karen and Karen gets mad)


Plankton: HEY! I was watching and playing that game!

Karen: And I'm tired of watching you sit around, busting your butt, playing video games all day. I admit it to you that the Chum Bucket is a total failure.

Plankton: It is not! Business is just slow like a turtle.

Karen: (mocking what he just said) If you took MY advice, the Krabby Patty formula would be yours.

Plankton: (laughs) You? You're just a computer. I'M the evil genius here. (*Creek!*)

Timmy's dad: This is it, son. The Chum Bucket!

Plankton: Looks like this failure has a customeeer! (opens door) Hello. Are you lost?

Timmy's dad: Ha ha ha! No, we're not lost. I promised my boy here that I'd take him to the Chum Bucket.

Plankton: Really?

Timmy's dad: Wow! Look at that order window! It's completely covered in grim and filth!

Timmy: Cooool!

Timmy's dad: (*Inhale!*) Smell that air!

Timmy: (*Inhale!*) It makes me wanna hurl!

Timmy's dad: Ha ha ha! I think the Chum Bucket is the high point of our tour!

Plankton: Tour?

Timmy's dad: That's right! We're visiting the most disgusting places in Bikini Bottom, and so far, you're number 1! Farewell, you filthy little fellow. Whaduha say we try the city dump next?

Timmy: Oh boy! (*Slam!*)

Plankton: (*Sigh*)

Karen: So? How'd it do?

Plankton: You're right, I'm such a failure.

Karen: Aww, so do you give up?

Plankton: Yes.

Karen: You'll do what I tell you now?

Plankton: Yes.

Karen: Here's all you have to do. You want the patty recipe, then go to the man who wrote it, Eugene Krabs!

Plankton: (sarcastically) Great. Why didn't I think of that before?

Karen: With my mind-connector, you'll be able to read Krab's mind, transferring the recipe into your teeny-tiny little brain.

(more later)

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