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Episode Article: That Sinking Feeling

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(episode opens with SpongeBob and Patrick running to each other's houses while laughing and giggling, which annoys Squidward. Squidward watches them run back and forth until he steps outside and stops SpongeBob and Patrick in their tracks)

Squidward: Stop playing...IN MY YARD!

SpongeBob: Oh, we're not playing in your yard, Squidward, we're playing in our yards. We're just using your yard as a walk way.

Patrick: No offense, but your yard gargles tarter sauce.

Squidward: Well, pick one, and leave my yard OUT OF IT!!

Patrick: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm good at choosing! Hmmm..... hummm.... play innmmm... SpongeBob's yard! NO! PATRICK'S! Errr.. SpongeBob's! (cries) I'm terrible at choosing! Squidward! You choose!

Squidward: I choose Patrick- (carries Patrick to his yard) to play in Patrick's yard... (does the same for SpongeBob) ...and SpongeBob in SpongeBob's yard. And nobody... (draws a rectangle around his house) INNNNN HERE! (exits)

Patrick: SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Patrick! (both attempt to run around the yard and fail)

Patrick: SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Patrick! (does it again)

Patrick: SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Patrick! (does it again. Reaches the road. Gasps) The road! (steps on the road lightly. Instantaneously, cars come rushing by while SpongeBob shivers in fear) Patrick! What are we gonna do?

Patrick: I'll mail myself to your house! (squeezes in mailbox. Mailbox tips over and explodes)

SpongeBob: Sit tight, Patrick! I'm coming to get you! (ties hands to mailbox and launches to Patrick's house)

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick. (The mailbox shoots off and hits SpongeBob in midair) Patrick, call me!

Patrick: Okay! (rushes back to their respective houses. The phone rings in SpongeBob's house)

SpongeBob: SquarePants residents.


SpongeBob: Hmmmm.... have we ever dug a tunnel BETWEEN our two houses?

Patrick: No. (both start digging tunnels underground. At one point, the tunnel says "Eat at Krusty Krab". Patrick digs through SpongeBob's tunnel) SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Patrick! We did it! Hurray! Tag! You're it! (both start giggling and playing "Tag")

Patrick: Tag! You're it!

SpongeBob: Tag! YOU'RE it!

Patrick: Tag! You're it! (Squidward is sleeping in his house)

SpongeBob: Peek-a-boo! I see you! (Patrick laughs. Squidward fluffs his pillow and falls asleep, but is woken up by sounds) You're it!

Patrick: You're it! (both laugh)

Squidward: (rips pillow with his head and gets gelatin from the kitchen) Must...block...out...noise! (puts gelatin on head and sits back down on couch)

Patrick: Knock-knock!

SpongeBob: Who's there?

Patrick: I don't know! (both laugh again)

Squidward: (gelatin melts on Squidward's head. Steps outside) I thought I told you two, stay off my...yard. (finds yard empty. Hears a laugh and comes to Patrick's rock) Patrick! (opens the rock up) Patrick, would you shut- (finds house to be empty) Where is he? (hears another laugh. Heads to SpongeBob's house) SpongeBob. (opens door) SpongeBob! (hears another laugh. The house is empty) SpongeBob, I am trying to...sleep. (hears another laugh. He heads upstairs, hearing laughter as he searches the house. Then goes to the roof) A-HAAAAA! (sees Gary relaxing) Hey, Gary.

Gary: Meow.

Squidward: Where are those two morons? (sees flowers giggle, and uproots them all. Squidward hears more laughter, which annoys him. Stomps on the ground) WHERE...ARE...THEY?!

SpongeBob: (laughs) OOHHH! Patrick, check out those roots!

Patrick: They're dancing!

SpongeBob: Do like the roots do, and do the Dirt Dance baby! (jumps up and down in the tunnel, which causes the ground above to shake, and Squidward's house to sink to the ground as a result)

Patrick: Squidward's house wants to play, too!

Squidward: My house! (gets in the house via roof. Goes down to the door, making a sound)

SpongeBob: Awww. Squidward's house looks like it has an upset tummy.

Patrick: Must've been something that it ate. (Squidward opens the door)

SpongeBob: It ate Squidward!

Patrick: That'll do it.

Squidward: (sighs) I knew you two reprobates were behind this.

SpongeBob: Yeah! We're reprobates!

Squidward: That was an insult.

Patrick: And we're insulted!

Squidward: Why were you digging under my yard?

SpongeBob: You told us not to walk on your yard, so we walked under it.

Squidward: But you buried my house!

Patrick: No need to thank us.

Squidward: THANK YOU?!

Patrick: You're welcome. (Squidward screams and attempts to grab Patrick, but Patrick evades) Missed.

SpongeBob: Somebody wants to play Tag!

Patrick: Tag! You're it! (runs away)

SpongeBob: Not it!

Squidward: RRRRRRR! (chases SpongeBob and Patrick)

Patrick: Wheeeeeeeeeee!

SpongeBob: (Squidward grabs SpongeBob and Patrick and drags them back to his house) Squidward wins!

Squidward: Now, you're gonna play a new game called, "Digging Out My House!"

SpongeBob: Oh, boy! (SpongeBob and Patrick get shoveling gear on)

Squidward: And I'M gonna play "Sit and Relax Until You're Finished!" (slams door) Barnacle brains. (sits down. Patrick breaks a window and throws dirt into the house. SpongeBob knocks on the roof of one part of the tunnel, until it collapses and blocks Squidward's front door) SpongeBob! (opens door)

SpongeBob: Hi, Squidward. (dirt comes running through the house and out the window)


SpongeBob: Yeow!

Squidward: I'm warning you: if you don't put my house back where it belongs by the count of three- (raises both hands, but realizes he is only holding up two, so he holds his nose up) Three, I am going to grind you into chum! One!

Patrick: (screams) He's counting! Anything but counting! Quick, SpongeBob! Dig for your life!

Squidward: Two!

Patrick: He's already at number two! Who knows how many numbers we have until he reaches three?

Squidward: THREE! (SpongeBob and Patrick scream and start digging very fast, while Squidward is angrily chasing them. Because of the tunnels, many buildings collapse underground, like Squidward's, but faster. Cut to the Krusty Krab being buried)

Plankton: YES! Now the Chum Bucket is the only restaurant in town! (the Chum Bucket is buried underground at that moment) Nuts. (cut back to the chase, with SpongeBob and Patrick trying to dig through a rock in the way)

SpongeBob: Must-dig! (makes sounds) Ohhh! The rock's too hard! (Squidward comes toward SpongeBob and Patrick. They scream and cuddle up together in fear)

Squidward: Youuuuu... twoooooo... morons... SUNK MY HOUSE!

SpongeBob and Patrick: We're sorry!

Squidward: I'M GONNA- (rumble) Uh-oh... (suddenly, the whole city of Bikini Bottom sinks underground, including the sign. Cut to possibly the next day)

SpongeBob: Ahhhh! (it is revealed that the whole town is digging, trying to reach the surface) Good morning Squidward! Another BEAUTIFUL day under Bikini Bottom!

Squidward: (picks up helmet and picket) I hate neighbors.

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