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The Great Patty Caper

Episode Article: Sponge-Cano!

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(Squidward is about to paint something when he hears SpongeBob singing)

SpongeBob: Oh, I've got an whole new attitude

Squidward: Oh, is that supposed to be singing? (paint brushes fall on the floor) I am putting that one on SpongeBob. (to SpongeBob) Would you clam up, SpongeBob? I am trying to paint in here!

SpongeBob: I cherish my fellow residents...

Squidward: SpongeBob, why are you doing this?

SpongeBob: Oh, I'm just displaying for all to see an attitude of gratitude!

Squidward: Gratitude? You've been wallowing in filth all morning. What could you possibly be grateful for?

SpongeBob: Hit it, boys! (slimy trash can monsters appear) One, two, three, four! (song begins)

Oh, I've got a whole new, attitude. 
A lifetime subscription to, gratitude. 
Friend, you've got to change your, latitude. 
Live an attitude of, gratitude. (The song only annoys Squidward) 

I'm grateful for the life I'm, living. 
Who knows how long I will, have it? 
I'm thankful for all I've been, given. We make appreciation a, habit. 
There's no time like the present day. To have a present come your way!

Slimy Trash Can Creatures: All you have to do is, grab it!
SpongeBob: So, now I think that, you will see.
Trash Can Creatures: You'll see.
SpongeBob: There's nothing more, you need. 
My friend, this ain't no, platitude.
Trash Can Creatures: Platitude!
SpongeBob: Just an attitude of, gratitude.
Trash Can Creatures: Gratitude!

SpongeBob: Or, in your case, Squidward, an attitude of hattitude! (laughs; end of song)

Squidward: Keep your hat and your gratitude! Because having you as a neighbor has left me with nothing to be grateful for! (slips on the paintbrushes and falls downstairs, bursting a pipe)

SpongeBob: Wow, Squidward, you should really consider getting your plumbing looked at.

Squidward: This is your fault!

SpongeBob: Don't worry, buddy. I can give you a hand.

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