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Episode Article: Stuck in the Wringer


[edit] Characters

[edit] SpongeBob's House

(SpongeBob is in his shower)

SpongeBob: Lalalalalalalala getting clean! Lalalala, doo doo doo! Oooooh... what a delightful day it is... (Squeezes soap so hard it slips out of his hand, soap falls to the ground in slow motion) Nooooooooo!

(Soap hits the ground)

SpongeBob: Good thing I have a spare! (opens a new bar of soap) I still have one more thing to clean! (Cleans inside his brain)

SpongeBob's Brain: (squeaks)

SpongeBob: (Goes through the wringer) Oh, what would I do without you Wringer? I'd guess I'd be all wet. (laughs) And now I'm ready to go to work! (slips on soap and back into the shower)

SpongeBob: Ooooh... you'd have to be careful, SquarePants! (leans on the new soap, causing it to fall) You always gotta be watching out. Watching out for...things. Things like...(stops his feet above the soap)...like that! Oh yeah, I saw ya. Not gonna fool me this time soap. (The soap frowns and SpongeBob steps on Patrick's rubber ducky and his soap and lands in his wringer and tries to get out.)

SpongeBob: (Uses his tongue and tries to twist the handle on the wringer but it breaks off) This is not going well. (sighs, Patrick comes in and looks for his Rubber Ducky.)

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob, have you seen my rubber ducky?

SpongeBob: Oh, is that it? (Points to the duck on the ground.)

Patrick: I found you. Ducky duck! (laughs) Quack, Quack, Quack!

SpongeBob: Uh Patrick?

Patrick: Huh?

SpongeBob: I'd hate to interrupt your reunion, but I kind of need your help over here.

Patrick: What do you need, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Well, I'm a little stuck if you know what I me-

Patrick: Stuck? I can help with that. (Opens up his skin) Ok. Hmm... (Takes the Forever Glue out) There. There you go, buddy! Now you're stuck forever!(Points to Forever Glue)

SpongeBob: Gee, thanks, Patrick! Now I'm stuck for..... ev-ev-forever?! (The glue sticks on SpongeBob) Patrick I wanted to get un-stuck, not more stuck! How am I gonna get to work if I'm stuck here forever? (starts to bulge to get out of the Wringer) Must... get... out... of... wringer! (He uses his nose, his eyes, and then his teeth.) (screams)

Patrick: Hmmm... (pulls the wringer up into the air, breaking it) There! Is that better?

SpongeBob: No Patrick. It isn't. How am I suppost to flip patties like this?

Patrick: OK! Ya know what SquarePants? That's quitter talk! And are you a quitter?

SpongeBob: No.

Patrick: And are you gonna let this wringer get between you and your passion? Those sweet tomatoes, crisp onions, ARE YA SPONGEBOB?

SpongeBob: No. I won't let it get me and crisp onions sweet tomatoes fresh lettuce a flame- broiled patty, a warm bun sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with a smile that says HEY!! I CAN!!! I'm ready!

Patrick: That's the spirit!

SpongeBob: Woo! (Hits the wall, and starts tumbling down the stairs) Don't worry Patrick! My spirits are still high!

[edit] Krusty Krab

SpongeBob: Hello, perfectly made Krabby Patty. Order's up!

Squidward: It's about time.(Takes Krabby Patty, but notices SpongeBob) (laughs) Hey SpongeBob, love the outfit. Where did you get it? The hardware store?! (laughs) Hardware jokes.

SpongeBob: (laughs) Hardware store No, from my bathroom.

Squidward: Well, I must say it really completes your imbecile look. Way to go, Buddy.

SpongeBob: Aw, thanks pal.(squirts mustard in Squidward's eyes, And screams in pain and the eyes fall onto the Krabby Patty) Ohh! Squidward! Squidward!(jumps on him) Are you ok?

Squidward: Please just get away from me.

Customer: Uh, Excuse me, Can i get a refill in my soda?

SpongeBob: OH A REFILL!! (Hits cash register falls on customer's foot)

Customer: Oh my foot, oh my foot! (bumps into the table) oh my back!(tips on a table) My face!

SpongeBob: (gasps) Not to worry, sir. I'm comi-i-i-ing (Hits cash register which opens it causing money to fly everywhere) WHOA! (Hits a pole) Don't worry everyone I'm okkah! (panics after seeing customers taking money) Hey! Don't touch Mr. Krabs' money!

Mr. Krabs: (comes out of his office) Me money! What do you think you're doin'? (Snatches money from a customer) That ain't yours! (He does it again) Thank you very much! When I get my hands on that boy... (SpongeBob struggles to get out of the pole and hits the customers including Mr. Krabs He crashes into a wall)

SpongeBob: Here Mr. Krabs: I'll help.

Mr. Krabs:(shouts) Help?! I think you've helped quite enough today! (shows damaged restaurant) (takes SpongeBob out of the restaurant) And don't even think about coming back here again until that destructive device of yours is gone! (kicks SpongeBob out of the restaurant and he lands in front of Patrick)

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob, How was work?

SpongeBob: Oh I was just having a bad day. I can't do anything while this stupid wringer keeps getting in the way. Patrick I'm nothing but a-- a bike rack. A sad, sad, sad, sad little bike rack. (A fish chains his bike to the wringer. SpongeBob starts crying)

Patrick: Hey! Don't you go crying on me! (uses a hair dryer to dry SpongeBob's teary eyes) Crying never solves anything. I know what always makes you feel better.

[edit] At Super Weenie Hut Jr's

SpongeBob: You were right! Ice cream always makes me feel better!

Patrick: Dig in! (He eats all his ice cream)

SpongeBob: (Tries to use his hands, but his hands are still stuck in the wringer. Uses his tongue, tries, he scoops a small piece of his ice cream. but chokes on the spoon he is using and cannot swallow because the wringer is in the way) I CAN'T EVEN EAT ICE CREAM NOW! THIS DUMB WRINGER KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY!!!!!

Patrick: Bummer. Yeah, you know what? Forget this place. Let's go the the carnival. That's the funnest spot in the ocean. (eats all SpongeBob's ice cream)

[edit] Coral Carnival

Patrick: Look the Ball Toss!

Ball Toss Vendor: Step right up folks! Toss a ball, hit the cans, and win a stuffed seahorse!

Patrick: We wanna play!

Ball Toss Vendor: Sure. Gimme your best shot.

Patrick: Thanks! (Throws ball, knocks all the cans down) Woohoo! And now you try.

SpongeBob: (Tries his best, the ball bounces back in his eye, giving him a black eye)

Patrick: Woah! The spinny steering wheels Oh, we gotta do that!

SpongeBob: I don't know... I have too much eye pain.

Patrick: Oh come on! Oh how many times does a carnival come in town! (they walk past a sign that says "Carnival Always Here!" both go in the seats) Ready?

SpongeBob: (struggles to put the hands on the wheel, but it is too late, for Patrick has already started spinning the wheel. He begins to steer faster, tossing SpongeBob out of the ride)

Patrick: SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: (Flying through the air) Oh dear Neptune! WHY?!

(Cut later in the carnival where SpongeBob is badly hurt and Patrick has cotton candy)

Patrick: Hey pal, Want some of my cotton candy? He gave it to me when I won the dart tournament. I got this too! (shows SpongeBob his ribbon) Check it out!

SpongeBob: Yeah, that's nice Patrick. But I don't want any cotton candy. (Patrick puts it near his face he gets frustrated)

Patrick: Well have some! It will make you feel better!

SpongeBob: I said I don't want any! (Turns, knocks the cotton candy to the ground)

Patrick: You ruined my cotton candy!

SpongeBob: Good! Maybe now you know how I feel about you ruining my life!

Ball Toss Vendor: Check it out Public Fight!

Other Vendor: Working at the carnival sure has its perks. (crowd gathers around SpongeBob and Patrick)

SpongeBob I have never felt so ashamed.

Patrick: What do you mean?

SpongeBob: If it wasn't for your Forever Glue, I wouldn't be stuck in this thing!

Patrick: I was only trying to help.

SpongeBob: (shouts) Help?! I think you've helped quite enough today! (Same thing that Mr. Krabs said earlier)

Patrick: Okay, if that's how you feel... I won't help you anymore! (Runs away crying)

(Visitors give an angry look at SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Heh, heh, a lot of drama with that one.

Sandals: Ya know kid, it's not your body that's the problem. It's your heart. (Inside SpongeBob's body, his heart that is two sizes too small begins to groan sadly.) You deserve what you've gotten. C'mon we're out of here. (someone off screen) Some people are just born mean.

[edit] Patrick's Rock

Patrick: (Brushing teeth) Forget SpongeBob. I don't need him. (brushes his armpit, then his belly button, then puts the toothbrush back in his mouth) I can do whatever I want. (then eats the toothbrush) Ahh. (Gets off his rock) I don't need him. (Blinks, Looks at SpongeBob's house almost calls for SpongeBob to come out but stops himself) Leave it! You are not his friend anymore! I gotta try to keep myself occupied so I don't think about Sponge-- (stops and covers his mouth) I'm not even gonna say his name! What to do, What to do... (snaps) I know I'll have a staring contest! (stars off into space, then blinks) Ohh, fiddlesticks. My game's too hard.

Patrick Thought in a Bubble: Maybe if SpongeBob were here he can give you pointers. (Puts his finger in mouth)

Patrick: Who asked you?! (claps the bubble) Forget It! I'll just play... Fetch! (throws stick lands on SpongeBob's doorstep) Where is it Where is it? (Finds the stick) Gotcha! (Notices SpongeBob) Is SpongeBob ok? Oh what do I care. I'm no longer supposed to help. (Walks away, then suddenly runs back) Buddy! (throws door off hinges) Uhh! SpongeBob? SpongeBob? Hey, Whatcha watchin'?

SpongeBob: (in chair watching TV, in a trance) My favorite show. (shows static on the TV. Then the TV dies) Ha, ha I love that part!

Patrick: SpongeBob! Snap out of it! It's me, your best friend! Patrick!

SpongeBob: What's that? I can't hear you with all the lonely voices in my head.

Patrick: Oh man. he's too far gone.

SpongeBob: Not fit to live in society.

Patrick: (Crying) Is this all my fault? (Holds up his forever glue) Me and my dumb ideas? I'm so sorry (tear falls down that melts the glue and SpongeBob is able to pull his arm out)

SpongeBob: Patrick! Your tears! They are melting the glue! Keep crying! I'll do the same and maybe I can slip out of this thing! (SpongeBob and Patrick are crying and SpongeBob pulls the wringer out) Look! It worked!

SpongeBob and Patrick: All right! (SpongeBob throws the wringer in the air)

SpongeBob: I guess crying does solve your problems after all. Come here, buddy! (Both hug, and the wringer falls on them, trapping both of them in)

Patrick: Well at least we're together.(Chuckles) Should I get the glue?

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