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A can of Seanut Brittle

Seanut Brittle is one of the pranks that Frank sells at the Palace of Pranks. It consists of a can that seems to hold Seanut Brittle but it really holds rubber springs that bounce out when someone opens the can. It is only seen in the episode: Pranks a Lot.

SpongeBob bought a can of it and introduced it to Patrick, saying it is only a gag. However, Patrick still believes it has real seanut brittle inside and he opens it, only to find out it is a gag, sadly asking: "Where's the seanut brittle?" Then he starts crying.

[edit] Design

The Gag Seanut Brittle's can design is a light brown can spelling Seanut Brittle (Seanut on the top and Brittle on the bottom), along with a Seanut photo.

[edit] Trivia

  • Seanut Brittle is based on the real-life can prank.
  • Its price is unknown.
  • Patrick opened another seanut brittle can in the Palace of Pranks store, only to find springs.
  • Seanut Brittle is a spoof of Peanut Brittle
  • Patrick still believes the cans of seanut brittle have real seanut brittle inside all of them.
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