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SpongeBob blowing on a slide whistle

A Slide Whistle is a toy seen in the episode: Slide Whistle Stooges. SpongeBob and Patrick like to play with them. Squidward is at first annoyed, but then starts to like the toy.

[edit] Design

The slide whistle is colored blue. It has a mouthpiece at the end which lets one play it. With a rod that lets the player change the tempo the rod is colored Gray

[edit] Pranks Done with the Whistle

  • Fooling a muscular fish into thinking another fish was falling in love with his girlfriend.
  • Pretending that someone was entering Barg'n Mart.
  • Mimicking sounds

[edit] Trivia

  • The slide whistle is based on a real instrument.
  • It can also act like a dog whistle.
  • Everybody at the hospital seems to like the slide whistle.
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