The Chocolate Balloon

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The Chocolate Balloon!

The Chocolate Balloon was a balloon made out of chocolate created by Sandy and SpongeBob to give to Patrick for a valentine's gift in the episode Valentine's Day. The entire floating balloon is made of solid chocolate.

[edit] Info

The Chocolate Balloon was controlled by Sandy to get it over to Patrick and SpongeBob so Patrick can receive his gift. This went horribly wrong because wild scallops attacked it and attempted to burst it. Eventually, it was fixed and patched up and Patrick got hit. He burst it by biting the inside of it. The chocolate went everywhere!


The Balloon itself was a good design with a picture of Patrick on top. Connected to the Balloon is the basket that holds Sandy, although Sandy stands on top. Patrick really loved the balloon but before he got it he was upset because SpongeBob thought the Balloon had burst so SpongeBob had to give him a handshake!

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