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The Good Noodle Board is for the Students in Mrs. Puff's classroom, and is seen in the episodes New Student Starfish and Teacher's Pests.

[edit] Stars for Good Noodles

  • Attendance
  • Penmanship
  • Basic Desk Sanitation
  • Advanced Desk Sanitation

SpongeBob has the most of the stars. He says that he has 74 (73 after the Big Fat Meanie misunderstanding), but only 25 are seen. SpongeBob gets a star taken off the board by Mrs. Puff because of Patrick's disruption in class and she puts the blame on SpongeBob. But at the end of New Student Starfish, he gets it back. On the Good Noodle Board, SpongeBob has 25, Lloyd has 2, Sheila and Horace have one, Paco has 3, and Debbie has 4. During one part of New Student Starfish, you can see the name "Rich" on the board, then it disappears.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Good Noodle Board is always seen in Mrs. Puff's classroom throughout the series.
  • SpongeBob writes Patrick's name in all capitals, but the other students' names are spelled correctly.
  • In Teacher's Pests, it is shown while SpongeBob is showing Eugene H. Krabs and Sheldon J. Plankton "all the ropes" of Boating School.
    • Mrs. Puff also gives Mr. Krabs and Plankton stars in that episode.
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