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"Say Hello to Used Napkin"!

Used Napkin is a napkin, and one of SpongeBob's three new friends in the episode I Had an Accident. When Sandy and Patrick were getting creamed by a Gorilla, Chip, Penny, and Used Napkin together convinced SpongeBob to step outdoors to save his friends. Used Napkin is not afraid to call SpongeBob names if necessary. Chip, Penny, and Used Napkin are never seen after this episode.

Used Napkin looks like an average napkin, but with a little hill on its "face." It was probably used for SpongeBob's running nose.


  • Used napkin is the only member of SpongeBob's three new friends not to have a pun as their name.
  • It is unknown who actually used him previously, but it can be implied that it was used by SpongeBob, seeing that the shape of the hill on its face resembles the shape of SpongeBob's nose.
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