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The inside of the box
The outside of the box

The Box is a medium, brown, cardboard box featured in two episodes. It first appears in Idiot Box. SpongeBob and Patrick use their imagination inside the box. At the end of the episode, the box is taken to the dump (with Squidward inside). Somehow, the box is returned to Squidward. The box's second appearance is in Can You Spare a Dime?. Squidward had to live inside the box after he lost his house. When Squidward decides to live with SpongeBob the box is taken to the dump again.

[edit] Looks

The Box looks like an ordinary box. In "Idiot Box," Squidward thought that SpongeBob and Patrick were hiding a tape recorder or anything that can make sounds.

[edit] Adventures

During the day, SpongeBob and Patrick use their imagination to make sounds. Here is a list of adventures:

  • Mountain climbing adventure
  • Police adventure
  • Rocket adventure
  • Robot-Pirate Island
  • Race Car adventure

[edit] Trivia

  • Squidward mentioned that he wanted to arm-wrestle with cowboys on the moon, although it never happened probably because he just wanted to get over the situation.
  • The Box must have a magical power when SpongeBob and Patrick imagined all sorts of adventures and the imagination could be heard outside the Box.
  • The Box might be secretly able to shrink people that go inside the box. A major hint is that when SpongeBob was exclaiming about what you can do inside the box, he, Patrick and Squidward seem to be only half the size of the box. But in outside shots of the box, the box is not that big.
  • Squidward's hat box doesn't work and Patrick and SpongeBob took it after Squidward went out to apologize after thinking he broke a box kicking law thinking the police were there to arrest him.
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