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No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Titlecard Your Shoe's Untied.jpg
Your Shoe's Untied
After trying to show Patrick how to tie his shoes, SpongeBob forgets how to tie his own. This soon starts to endanger his daily regimen. Can he figure out how tie his shoes?
Titlecard Squid's Day Off.jpg
Squid's Day Off
When put in charge while Mr. Krabs is absent, Squidward pretends to run errands while SpongeBob works at the cash register. But leaving SpongeBob alone while he relaxes, Squidward becomes worried SpongeBob will mess up.
Titlecard Something Smells.jpg
Something Smells
SpongeBob creates a dastardly sundae that causes terrible smelling breath, causing people to flee when he comes near him. Trusting him, SpongeBob goes to Patrick, where he convinces him that he's ugly.
Titlecard Bossy Boots.jpg
Bossy Boots
Mr. Krabs hires his daughter Pearl to manage the Krusty Krab. But it starts creating trouble with SpongeBob's working techniques, and Mr. Krab's money.
Titlecard Big Pink Loser.jpg
Big Pink Loser
Patrick is desperate to win an award, after seeing all of SpongeBob's. To cheer up Patrick, he lets him work at the Krusty Krab, and tells him to act just like him. Patrick begins imitating SpongeBob's every move, which gets way out of hand.
Titlecard Bubble Buddy.jpg
Bubble Buddy
When SpongeBob cannot find anyone to play, he invents his own friend called: The Bubble Buddy! It turns out that he's more trouble than he's worth, because he's angering the people of Bikini Bottom.
Titlecard-Dying For Pie.jpg
Dying for Pie
SpongeBob eats a pie that turns out to be a bomb. Convincing Squidward that SpongeBob has only 24 hours to live, he tries to make his last moments worth his while.
24a SpongeBob-Squidward.JPG
Titlecard Imitation Krabs.jpg
Imitation Krabs
Plankton invents a robot that is exactly identical to Mr. Krabs as a plan to steal the secret formula. It starts confusing SpongeBob on who's the real Mr Krabs.
Titlecard Wormy.jpg
Sandy hires SpongeBob and Patrick to babysit her pets, including: The Wormy. After a day of fun, Wormy turns into a butterfly that rampages the streets of Bikini Bottom. This causes the citizen to freak out in a frenzy.
Sandy Cheeks.jpg
Titlecard Patty Hype.jpg
Patty Hype
With business at the Krusty Krab almost dead, SpongeBob invents painted Krabby Patties called: Pretty Patties! Mr. Krabs and Squidward shun him for his unmanly idea, but then it turns into a billion-dollar business that starts make Mr. Krabs jealous.
Fred und Tom.jpg
Titlecard Grandma's Kisses.jpg
Grandma's Kisses
After being publicly humiliated, SpongeBob is tired of being treated like a baby from his grandmother. Him and Patrick start acting as grown up. Patrick gives in and starts acting like a baby and getting the love from SpongeBob's Grandma, making SpongeBob extremely jealous.
Titlecard Squidville.jpg
Squidward moves away from the house between SpongeBob and Patrick's houses. Squidward soon gets tired of his new life and yearns for his old life back. This makes Tentacle Acres' resident angered.
Titlecard Prehibernation Week.jpg
Pre-Hibernation Week
Sandy wants to spend a week with SpongeBob before she goes to sleep for the winter, but Sandy's means of fun could possibly endanger SpongeBob's life.
Titlecard Life of Crime.jpg
Life of Crime
When Mr. Krabs tell them that they can borrow the way he does, SpongeBob and Patrick steal a balloon then run away and hide forever.
Titlecard Christmas Who?.jpg
Christmas Who?
Sandy tells SpongeBob about christmas customs, now he teaches the town of Bikini Bottom about Christmas. When Santa doesn't come, the citizens shun him and Squidward makes fun of him, but he make a gift for him. Now it's up to Squidward to change everything.
Titlecard Survival of the Idiots.jpg
Survival of the Idiots
While Sandy sleeps for the winter, SpongeBob and Patrick intrude into her home.
29a Sandy-SpongeBob.JPG
Titlecard Dumped.jpg
Gary the Snail leaves SpongeBob for Patrick!
Snail Nip.JPG
Titlecard No Free Rides.jpg
No Free Rides
SpongeBob is given his drivers license for getting the extra credit, after failing his boating test again.
Mrs Schwammkopf.jpg
Titlecard I'm Your Biggest Fanatic.jpg
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
SpongeBob is desprerate to join a Jellyfishing group.
Titlecard Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III.jpg
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
SpongeBob and Patrick are left charge of the Merma-lair.
Titlecard Squirrel Jokes.jpg
Squirrel Jokes
Sandy becomes offended when SpongeBob tells mean jokes
Titlecard Pressure.jpg
Sandy and SpongeBob engage in a Sea VS. Land battle.
The Birds From Land.JPG
Titlecard The Smoking Peanut.jpg
The Smoking Peanut
The main attraction oyster at the zoo is on an emotional rampage, and SpongeBob thinks he did it after throwing a peanut at the oyster.
Titlecard Shanghaied.jpg
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are slaves on the ship owned by the Flying Dutchman
Titlecard Gary Takes a Bath.jpg
Gary Takes a Bath
SpongeBob has difficulty giving Gary the Snail a bath.
Titlecard Welcome to the Chum Bucket.jpg
Welcome to the Chum Bucket
After losing a card game, Mr. Krabs sells SpongeBob to Plankton!
Titlecard Frankendoodle.jpg
After a pencil falls from the sky, SpongeBob creates a clone of him.
Titlecard The Secret Box.jpg
The Secret Box
When he finds out about Patrick's secret box, SpongeBob is desperate to learn the secret.
Patrick zunge.jpg
Titlecard Band Geeks.jpg
Band Geeks
Squidward forms a band to impress his high-school rival.
Titlecard Graveyard Shift.jpg
Graveyard Shift
Mr. Krabs opens the Krusty Krab 24 hours a day, while SpongeBob is told of the "Hash-Slinging Slasher."
Titlecard Krusty Love.jpg
Krusty Love
Mr. Krabs falls in love with Mrs. Puff.
Mrs. Puff's House.JPG
Titlecard Procrastination.jpg
SpongeBob has a "Writer's Block" while writing an essay, and tries to find any way to become distracted so he doesnt have to write it.
Titlecard I'm with Stupid.jpg
I'm With Stupid
When Patrick's parents are planning to come over, SpongeBob pretends to be dumb so Patrick's parents would think him as the smartest guy ever.
Titlecard Sailor Mouth.jpg
Sailor Mouth
SpongeBob and Patrick learn a bad word.
Aale und Rolltreppen.jpg
Titlecard Artist Unknown.jpg
Artist Unknown
Squidward teaches an Art Class, but SpongeBob is his only pupil!
Titlecard Jellyfish Hunter.jpg
Jellyfish Hunter
After seeing the reaction to SpongeBob's Jelly Patty, Mr. Krabs sends him to Jellyfish.
Titlecard The Fry Cook Games.jpg
The Fry Cook Games
SpongeBob competes against Patrick in the Fry Cook Games.
Titlecard Squid on Strike.jpg
Squid on Strike After Mr. Krabs starts to force his employees to pay bills, SpongeBob and Squidward go on a strike.
PDVD 964.jpg
Titlecard Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm.jpg
Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm
Sandy goes after a worm thats ravenging Bikini Bottom, while SpongeBob tries to stop her.
Alaskanischer stierwurm.jpg
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