Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

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Revenge of the Flying Dutchman is a SpongeBob video game that was released in September 2002 for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. In the game SpongeBob accidentally releases the Flying Dutchman from a magic bottle. He consults his rulebook on ghostly doings and decides to gradually take SpongeBob's friends and make them serve as his crew (one per level). Each level requires completing tasks to get tiles that spell SpongeBob. Then you solve a puzzle revealing a scene with a treasure chest, which you must then search the level to find. After collecting all the treasures you travel to the Dutchman's ship to save your friends.

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  • Bikini Bottom: It's the first level with relatively simple tasks and consists of Resident Row, the Krusty Krab, and the Chum Bucket. It serves as a tutorial and a way to get to the other levels via bus. The treasure is a dirty sock.
  • Downtown: This level consists of three winding main streets, a construction site, and a high rise. Mr. Krabs is having you deliver Krabby Patties in each area. You later return with a reef blower to clean up litter for Sandy.
  • Tree Dome: In this level you help Sandy plug leaks in her dome with acorns. Later you have to catch bees and wasps from a hive you accidentally brought.
  • Jellyfish Fields: Large level featuring a Jellyfish competition for the Reef Blower, snail herding, a race with Patrick, and riding the Great White Jellyfish.
  • Chum World: This level is a theme park created by Plankton with games, a big top, and carnival rides. You have to win games, get to the top of rides and the big top, win Chum Putt, and catch Plankton.
  • Goo Lagoon: Another large level, requiring you to light up the lighthouse, explore a demolished pier, and defeat Larry in Karate match.
  • Dutchman's Graveyard: This level has you stealing booty for pirates to get to the next pirate, whom you just stole booty from. Each part gets harder as the path between the booty and pirate gets longer and more dangerous. Finally you collect your friends on a dinghy and defeat the Dutchman and put him back in the magic bottle.


SpongeBob SquarePants Revenge of the Flying Dutchman received negative reviews and some positive reviews. This game was criticized for its bad controls, the bad walking anamation, the repeative backround music which can only be changed if you change costumes, and the loading glich (Fixed in the gamecube version). This game is the worst SpongeBob game ever. The GBA version received average reviews.


  • This was released in September 2002.
  • Gary meows in the game, but acts more like a dog by playing fetch and digging up the treasure chest.
  • Running Gag: Kids shouting "Ew!" when they see the treasure you find, which is usually something like a sock, wig, or back scratcher.(excludes eyeglasses you find in the game, which isnt very disgusting.)
  • The PS2 Version of this game has a loading glitch, so a lot of letters were sent to BigSky's(the company who developed this game) website. Since the Gamecube version wasn't released yet, they fixed the glitch in this version, but not in the PS2 one. After a lot of letters and problems, this company stopped to produce games. That is why this was BigSky's last game.


  • (Reading the Dutchman's treasure chest)

SpongeBob: "Damger. Donut Opin. Oh Relse."

(Actual Translation: Danger. Do Not Open. Or Else.)

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