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MuscleBob BuffPants is a alter ego of SpongeBob SquarePants who has appeared only in the episode of the same title.

[edit] Info

SpongeBob saw a advertisement for inflatable bicep-shaped balloons called Anchor Arms. Ordering a set, he went to Goo Lagoon and began showing them off around Bikini Bottom, gaining many followers in the process. However, the Anchor Arms would prove to be SpongeBob's downfall as MuscleBob BuffPants; when it was his turn during an anchor toss competition, he overinflated the Anchor Arms while straining to toss the anchor, causing the air inside them to randomly blow to various parts of his body. The Anchor Arms eventually exploded out of overstraining, and SpongeBob was disqualified for his fake muscles.

[edit] Looks

He is just SpongeBob with Anchor Arms.

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