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Krabby the Clown!

Krabby the Clown is an alter ego of Mr. Krabs. He is a clown and wears a polka dot tie, and a red tomato nose, which was painted blue. Mr. Krabs dressed up as Krabby to entertain the kids, who (along with SpongeBob) were deeply disappointed with his performance. Mr. Krabs handed some liability booklets to the kids at Krabby Land Park, which if you handed it back to him you could meet Krabby. But nobody turned in the books! Mr. Krabs still did it. Krabby, Mr. Krabs' alter ego, only appeared in one episode; Krabby Land.

[edit] Trivia

  • Krabby the Clown may be a parody of Ronald McDonald.
  • Also, his sidekick, The Krabby Patty Burglar (SpongeBob), is obviously a parody of The Hamburgler.
  • SpongeBob called Krabby the Clown "Cheapy the Cheapskate" after being ripped off by him.
  • Like his sidekick, after the children get ripped off by him, Mr. Krabs was forced to eat lima-beans.

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