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Battle for Bikini Bottom is a 2003 video game released for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox consoles. In the game SpongeBob must save Bikini Bottom from Plankton's army of evil robots.

The NTSC front cover



In the game there are more enemies than "good guys", and almost all of them are robots. There are 3 ways to destroy them as they are SpongeBob's way, Patrick's way and Sandy's way.


Easily defeated robots with an electric staff. To defeat - One hit attack.


Easily defeated robots with a heavy piece of ham used as a hammer. To defeat - One hit attack.


Robots that shoot tar-tar- sauce. To defeat - Two hit attacks.


Robots that throw rockets from afar. To defeat - Use viking hat move when under the robot.


Robots that spray stinky dog breath. To defeat - One hit attack.


Robots that spin around and slap. To defeat - Jump above the robot as it's spinning and use bubble feet move.


Robots that create rainclouds to attack. To defeat- Use viking helmet underneath robot.


Robots that follow you and blow up in a few seconds. To defeat - One hit attack.


Robots that carry a supply of Arf Dawgs, that follow you and blow up. To defeat - Bubble bowl into him. When he moves, repeat.

Sleepy Time

Robots that will wake up if you don't sneak up on them. To defeat - Sneak up on it, the one hit attack.


Robots that shoot gamma rays from their eye. To defeat - One hit attack.


Robots that have an oil bubble shield and shoot oil bubbles. To defeat - Bubble bowl to remove the shield, then bubble bowl again, or three hit attacks.


Three robots that are stacked, and the bottom one spins and spurts out lava. To defeat - Jump over lava then hit the bottom one, then use viking helmet attack to clear the other two.

Arf Dawg

These are the robot dogs that Arf uses, which explode without warning. To defeat - One hit attack.

Robot Plankton

The evil robot on the last level. To defeat - use bubble rocket or basic attack (at times).


King Jellyfish

Attacks by spouting an army of jellyfish. When he lands, hit him with the bubble wand. Appears in Jellyfish Fields.


A martial-arts robot version of Sandy. Her weakspot, however, is the button under her head. Patrick can throw her head, and SpongeBob can Viking Smash it. Appears in Posidome.


Launches a repulser ray. You can't attack him until you find a safe, uncolored row of tiles. Use the bowling ball attack on him. Ham-mer Bots also inhabit the area. Appears in Mermalair.


A lean-mean Patrick machine that attacks with nuclear sludge on his ice cream cone, and has icy breath. Aim for his back with the "Kick Me" sign attached to it. Appears in Industrial Park.

Flying Dutchman

Fires lasers with his eyes. Eventually, lasso his tail during his nose flamethrower move. Appears in Flying Dutchman's Graveyard

SpongeBot SteelPants

A robot version of SpongeBob with his karate gear on. First, Bubble Bounce on his hands. Then, either jump and hit Robo-Plankton, or cruise bubble Robo-Plankton. SpongeBot SteelPants will then get up and start doing karate chops (he adds another karate chop with every hit). Dodge that, then fire Cruise Bubble at the green lights. Then, deal with robo-plankton again. Then he will start shouting "KAH-RAE-TAE!" (he adds another one every hit). Then deal with Robo-Plankton again. Then you must destroy 5 Duplicatrons, hit Robo-Plankton with a cruise bubble after destroying each Duplicatron, then Bubble Spin the first fuse, Bubble Bash the second, Bubble Bounce the third, and Bubble Bowl the last. Then, destroy three fuses inside his brain by cruise bubble into each one. Location of the brain fuses: one in each brain hole. Before you Cruise bubble into each brain fuse, you must first deal with Robo-Plankton, one before each brain hole. Appears in Chum Bucket Lab.


Only in GBA verion. Fires blaring notes to attack. SpongeBob's seahorse, Mystery, must swallow a bomb bot, rides on one of his tentacles, then spit the bot at Robo-Squidward's head.

Fact: Robo-Squidward can be seen in the movie theater's concept art in the console versions of the game, implying that maybe he was going to be in the console version, but he never made it in, for unknown reasons.


Battle for Bikini Bottom is the most successful SpongeBob video game released. It has won numerous awards and has been given the titles of Greatest Hits and Platinum hits on the PS2, Xbox and GameCube.It is featured in the Happy Squared Double Pack for Playstation 2.


  • In some videos from IGN, Sandy rode down slides with her tail, but in the final version, this was replaced with a snowboard
  • If it's St Patrick's Day the Tubelet enemy will attack you with green flames.
  • Oddly, the sign for Bikini Bottom is near SpongeBob's House at the entrance to the Downtown level. It should be at the city limits. Possibly, according to Rock Bottom (Episode), it should be at the entrance to the Rock Bottom level.
  • In the PC version, Plankton said bad word #11 from the episode Sailor Mouth
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