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The Barg'n Mart

Barg'n Mart is a grocery store in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob goes there for his shopping needs. His fastest shopping record was 19 seconds.


Products/Shop Design

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The Barg'n Mart has many items such as Kelp-O and other things such as Bran Flakes, Oyster Chips, Urchin Chips, Barnacle Chips, Kelp Bars, Canned Bread, Hydrodynamic spatulas, deodorant and even Night Lights among many others. In the episode The Sponge Who Could Fly, SpongeBob attempts to get money back for his broken kite. Lou does not allow it. In the episode Cocolate With Nuts, SpongeBob and Patrick buy tons of chocolate bars.

In the episode: Squirrel Jokes, Sandy wants to buy roll on or stick type deodorant. In the episode Karate Choppers, SpongeBob and Sandy are there doing Karate. It is proven that SpongeBob always buys Kelp-O from the Barg'n Mart in the episode Waiting. He bought 99 boxes in one day because of a said prize in the box. In the first episode (Help Wanted), SpongeBob buys a very expensive spatula. SpongeBob buys Night Lights when he's afraid of the creatures of the dark. It made a cameo appearance on Squid's Visit when SpongeBob said "please," one of the few times.

In the episode Slide Whistle Stooges, the possibly owner, is upset by Squidward Tentacles, and his Slide Whistle, he gets so upset, he starts to quit. Also, in Squidville, Squidward goes to the Barg'n Mart many times to get Canned Bread. It is unknown if Squidward goes there regularly or not in Bikini Bottom.

The Barg'n Mart is shaped and looks like a dark brown treasure chest. There are big doors, skull and crossbones at the top. There is a massive sign in the shape of the scroll that displays: BaRG' N- MaRT. Occasionally there are cars surrounding the shops. On the inside, there are hundreds of aisles; it is very neat, tidy and respected. In the episode: Mid-Life Crustacean, SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs go outside of the shop and ride on the toy seahorses outside the shop.

The name of Barg'n Mart is a spinoff of Wal-Mart, of which it is based off of.


In the episode Karate Star the Barg'n Mart is detroyed by Patrick's karate chops. He then tries to put it back together, but it eventually collapsed.

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