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Weenie Hut Juniors: More mature than Super Weenie Hut Juniors
Super Weenie Hut Jrs

Weenie Hut Juniors is a restaurant, founded in 1999 by Mike Weiner, and is a "soft egg" place for "little babies" to nerd around and collect cards etc. It has two other counterparts, Super Weenie Hut Jr's and Weenie Hut General. It is possibly owned by the Robot Waiter.

[edit] Appearances and Features

Weenie Hut Junior's was seen in the episode No Weenies Allowed. It was founded in 1999 by Mike Weenie to make a restaurant for weenies and Super Weenie Junior's. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Weenie International Holdings Corporation (WIHC), which also owns Weenie Hut General, Bikini Bottom's hospital for weenies, and also other places. The exterior of the place is pink, girly and it is in the shape of a cupcake with icing on top.

Also featured on the exterior is a hot dog and some stars on the bottom of the cupcake exterior. Weenie Hut Junior's has a weenie-robot and it can identify if someone is a weenie or not. The only known members are two geeks that talk about random stuff in a stereotypical nerdy fashion, and Patrick. Next to Weenie Hut Junior's is Super Weenie Hut Junior's, which is a highly developed version of the former. Across the road from Weenie Hut Junior's is the 'Rough 'N' Tough' Salty Spitoon. They also sell Hot Dogs there.

[edit] Specials

As the two nerdy fish were saying, there is many different days of the week allocated to different events in the place. There are days like: Double Weenie Wednesday (moved to Friday) and Mega Weenie Monday (moved to Sunday). The only one that remained the same was Monster Weenie Monday.

[edit] Quotes heard in building

Robot: (robotic voice) "Would you like another diet cola with a lemon twist, weenie?"

SpongeBob: "What? But I'm not a weenie!" (the robot scans SpongeBob with one of its scanners)

Robot: "I'm sorry, sir, but my sensors indicate that you are indeed a weenie." (computer beeps and shows a picture of a weenie)

SpongeBob: "That's impossible!" (runs out)

Robot: "You can't hide what's inside."

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