Weenie Hut General

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Weenie Hut general

Weenie Hut General is the hospital SpongeBob was probably sent to in the episode No Weenies Allowed. Sandy had mentioned in the ambulance that SpongeBob had been injured in the Salty Spitoon by slipping on an ice cube, and Dr. Gill Gilliam said that he needed to be sent there when SpongeBob called his bruises "boo-boos".

[edit] Design

Weenie Hut General has a similar design to that of a hospital, and also has a resemblance to Weenie Hut Juniors and Super Weenie Hut Juniors. Its shape resembles a giant pink cake with white frosting on top with multi-colored sprinkles. The walls have a blue monkey, a green bunny head, 3 muffins, and 3 hearts. The sign has "Weenie Hut" in cursive and "General" in normal font, and is hung by a large rainbow.

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