Terror at 20,000 Leagues (Episode)

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Terror at 20,000 Leagues

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Episode No.: TPSS 8
Season: TPSS 1
Airdate: October 22, 2021
Previous Episode: Who's a Big Boy?
Next Episode: To Dad and Back
Characters Voice actors
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
GrandPat Star Dana Synder
TPSS8 Image.jpg

Terror at 20,000 Leagues is a season 1 episode of The Patrick Star Show.


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[edit] Plot

It's Halloween, and everyone is out decorating and trick-or-treating. The camera zooms into the Star house, where Patrick's family members are dressed up: Cecil is a werewolf and makes a cat meow rather than a wolf howl, GrandPat rides by wrapped in toilet paper, and Bunny (as the "Invisible Mom") dangles her clothes from a fishing pole, only to be caught naked. Squidina wakes up a "dead tired" Patrick, waking him up by waving a candy bar in his face. However, the candy is taken by the the Dartfish Family. Squidina tells him that, after Patrick starts the show, they will all go trick-or-treating.

Patrick goes on-camera and says that the candy and costumes are the most important part of the holiday. He is about to demonstrate how to make a costume from a pile of junk, but Squidina shows up in a clown outfit, chainsawing through the table. Patrick and Squidina hug, and SpongeMonster, Pat-Gor, and Dr. Plankenstein are shown watching on TV. Plankenstein criticizes that Halloween has become too watered-down and cutesy, and tells his minions about the "real Halloween." To prepare them for the horrors ahead, he shows them a cartoon called Granny Tentacles Pantry of Doom!

The segment takes place in an old village. Granny Tentacles, upset by how messy her house is, wants someone to clean it for her. She spies a villager Bunny painting clothes outside, and makes voodoo cookies in her cauldron. She uses the Bunny voodoo doll, and a pretzel stick that functions as a wand, to force Bunny to mow her lawn, makes Bubble Bass clean her windows, and then hypnotizes the rest of the townsfolk to do household chores for her. However, controlling everyone's dolls at once tires out her tentacles. She sees Patrick outside and tries to hypnotize him into massaging them for her. However, Patrick's head is literally empty, and the beam of energy ricochets around before launching back and hitting the voodoo doll itself. It comes to life and fights off Granny Tentacles. However, the real Patrick finds his way inside and begins eating all the voodoo dolls, reversing the spell's effects. Squidina uses the pretzel wand to hypnotize Granny Tentacles, making her bring lemonade and cookies to her family.

After the segment ends, a commercial for a zombie brain buffet called Famous Zed's plays. Patrick and Squidina come back to start trick-or-treating. The first house they stop by is Bubble Bass's, and he tries to steal their bags. He refuses to give them candy, and Patrick goes in to eat his Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy collector's candy, making Bubble Bass cry.

Back with SpongeMonster and Pat-Gor, "villagers" knock at the door. Plankenstein orders SpongeMonster to scare the them away, who turn out to be trick-or-treaters. He is scared by them and retreats, as the trick-or-treaters egg and toilet paper the house. While hiding, Plankenstein has his minions watch more TV.

Quasar: The Movie: Dark Side of the Spoon opens with Pat-Tron waking up Quasar and preparing breakfast for him. He then makes himself a bowl of Logic Loops, which cause him to short-circuit after eating. Quasar sees that the box contains a robot alien invader inside. Pat-Tron winds up a music box that makes the alien burst out of his chest. He mistakes it for being his own baby, and has Quasar feed it. He gives it a bite of his spoon, making it grow bigger. Pat-Tron gets a baby bottle full of oil, which the alien eats. It then spits up acid that partly disintegrates Quasar's suit. The alien chases Quasar around the ship, eating more items, until Quasar decides to open the airlock so they can send it into space. However, the alien has grown much larger, and sends Quasar out instead. Pat-Tron hugs it, only to be eaten. Floating outside, Quasar comments that he needs to get a new robot. After the movie, Madame Hagfish gives a commercial for her were-hair boutique.

After the movie, Pat-Gor is styling Plankenstein's hair; it looks like the Bride of Frankenstein's. Plankenstein does not like it because it reminds him of his ex-wife. As he chases him around, there is another knock at the door. Pat-gor goes to the top of the castle and microwaves a bowl of oatmeal to pour over the villagers. The people at the door turn out to be Patrick and Squidina, who stare in awe at SpongeMonster eating candy. Upset by Patrick and Squidina asking for candy, Plankenstein has Pat-gor dump the oatmeal on them. They try again, disguising as a single person in a trench coat to check their meter. Plankenstein lets them in and shows them a meter on SpongeMonster. Patrick hits him with a wrench repeatedly, as Squidina tries to grab candy. She catches Plankenstein and mistakes him for a jellybean, and Patrick eats him. Everyone gets stuck in the coat and runs around in panic. Finally, Plankenstein kicks them out.

Patrick sets a camera on a rock outside, and this same footage shows on Plankenstein's TV. He stretches out into their castle, but Plankenstein turns the remote off, sending Patrick backwards and into other shows. He appears in a horse-judging show, a painting show, an aerial dogfight, and then a game show. The host offers him a "mystery prize" or a jar of candy, but Patrick has already taken the candy. He takes the TV remote from the host's assistant and warps himself back outside his house, proudly showing off his candy to Squidina. As they eat candy in excitement, they try to go home, only for two realistic sea creatures to come out. They scream in horror and drop their candy, only for it to be Cecil and Bunny in costume. Bunny asks if they are trick-or-treating correctly, and Cecil says that they must be, since he got candy from every kid tonight. Bunny suggests saving some for their kids, but they both decide not to, returning into the house to eat their candy.

Plankenstein, Pat-Gor, and SpongeMonster watch this scene on TV, realizing that they survived until midnight and survived Halloween. Just then, a commercial for Christmas trees shows up on TV, and three carolers come at their door. Plankenstein orders Pat-Gor to prepare hot eggnog to dump on them, and Pat-Gor complies. The French Narrator bids the viewers a merry Christmas, with the text showing up in a blood-red font.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • This is the second episode in the SpongeBob franchise to have "20,000" in the title. The first is "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" from the main series.
  • This is the first holiday-themed episode of The Patrick Star Show.
  • This is the seventh episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise where SpongeBob is completely absent, as he does not make an appearance and he is not mentioned.
  • This is the first appearance of Madame Hagfish in The Patrick Star Show, as well as her return following "The Curse of the Hex"
  • This is Mrs. Puff's first appearance in The Patrick Star Show
  • Following "Mall Girl Pearl," "Don't Wake Patrick," and "A Cabin in the Kelp," this is the fourth episode in which Karen appears without Plankton, as well as the first episode of The Patrick Star Show to do that.

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for Terror at 20,000 Leagues

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